So, I have these two characters. Ceinwen and Thornburn

Ceinwen’s name means “blessed and beautiful,” loosely. She is a maternal cousin of Aelgifu – that is, she comes from the side of the family that provided the glowy light bits but not the horns. She looks loosely like the Meez in the DW icon.

Thornburn was apparently a typo *headdesk;* THORBURN comes “From the Old Norse name Þórbjörn, which meant “Thor’s bear” from the name of the Norse god Þórr (see THOR) combined with björn “bear”.”

I know about him that he is generally brown, and well-spoken. Also, taller and broader than Ceinwen.

They need Changes. Ideas?

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17 thoughts on “Changes!

  1. Thornburn could have been named after his change – maybe he gets protective thorns that only appear when he is in danger of some sort. Ceinwen, as she’s Aelgifu’s cousin, could have some sort of animal change. Ayla’s a rabbit so maybe another herbivore or you could go in the other direction and have her being the fox to Ayla’s rabbit. Just an idea. 🙂

  2. I like the idea of a glowing fox. He may be bear-like, and possibly have thorns. If he does, he may be related to the spiky girl… He’s already large and brown.

  3. Hmm…large and brown. Thor and thorns make me think lightning, but that’s not very brown. It can certainly burn, though! What about the other aspects of Thor–noise or rain? Rain and dirt make nice, fertile mud, after all, which could grow thorn bushes, or roses, or just about everything. And the rumble of thunder goes well with large. My thought about an animal for Ceinwen is a wren–it’s almost a part of her name, after all.

  4. Ceinwen grows a halo and glows, especially her eyes. Not sure about powers. Thorburn becomes more bear-like (bulkier, claws, teeth, fur) and can emit lighting – and has a propensity for fighting with a hammer / mjolnir. ;-p

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