For the 30 Days Meme Second Semester, for the prompt “28) write a story set in a laundromat “

From [community profile] dailyprompt: “choose again”

Stranded World.

“Go Fish.” Summer sprawled across the laundry-room table, staring at the cards in her hand, watching Mellie and Bishop over the edges.

“Really? You don’t have a green nine?” Bishop took a card from the pool. “Are you charming your hand again, Sum?”

“You know I don’t do that.” When she was playing with them, at least. “Mel, do you have a blue seven?”

“I do.” Her lovely girlfriend passed over the seven of rain. “This deck makes this so much more fun… ooh, there goes the dryer.” She set down her hand carefully and bounced off the table.

Stalled on her, Bishop and Summer shared a moment of watching the way Mel’s body moved. Under cover of the slamming of doors, he murmured to her. “Sometimes I can’t figure you out.”

“What’s to figure?” she shrugged, trying to keep the little pit of panic down. Lines of conversation like that never ended well for her.

“There’s this,” he gestured at the deck, hand-drawn for her by her sister, “yet you say you don’t ‘do’ that sort of thing. There’s the charms you don’t ever admit to and yet never deny, and that necklace you won’t explain that goes on display when we’re visiting your family. There’s you, acting like you want to be your big sister and your big brother all at once, theatre-business dual major. And you could have had anyone, couldn’t you have?”

“What, voodoo someone into dating me?” She laughed, trying to make a joke of it. “No. Fishing in the wrong pool there, Bish.” Mostly.

The List:
1a) the story starts with the words “It’s going down.” (LJ Link)
1b) the story starts with the words “It’s going down.” (LJ Link)
2) write a scene that takes place in a train station.
3) the story must involve a goblet and a set of three [somethings]
4) prompt: one for the road
5) write a story using an imaginary color
6) write the pitch for a new Final Fantasy styled RPG (LJ Link)
7) prompt: frigid (LJ Link)
8) write a scene in the middle of a novel called “The Long, Dirty Afterwards” (LJ)
9) prompt: mourning dead gods (LJ)
10) write a story set in three different time periods. (LJ)
11) Write a movie trailer style trailer for a story, existing or not-yet-written. (LJ)
12) prompt: sweet iced tea (LJ)
13) re-write a story that everyone knows (LJ)
14) write a vanilla story dealing with kinky subject matter (LJ)
15) prompt: ascension (LJ)
16) write a scene that takes place at the end of a long road trip. (LJ)
17) write an uncomfortable story (LJ)
18) prompt: a step too far (LJ
19) write a story in which something goes BOOM. )LJ)
20) Write the end of the story ‘The Purple Bag. (LJ)
21) Roll a d20 twice. Combine the themes of the two previous stories for those numbers. (LJ)
22) Prompt: White Knight (LJ)
23) write a scene that takes place in a place that is war-torn (LJ)
24) prompt: founding fathers (LJ)
25) write a story set in a library LJ
26) Prompt: Elemental LJ
27) write a story using only one period. (LJ)
28) write a story set in a laundromat

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  1. My obliviousness is missing why she is so uncomfortable. Is it because he is hitting the nail on the head and she doesn’t want to admit it? I do like these three. I’ve been enjoying Stranded a lot.

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