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Monday, with caulk jokes and no cock

Friday, we caulked the tub in the House. Well, I tried, ruined my favorite shirt (still sad about that), and made a mess. It turns out I’m not very good at caulking. 🙁 T., on the other hand, is pretty good at it.

I can be a bit puerile at times, though, so there were more than a few “caulk” jokes flung about while I was making a mess – and the ugly tub is a bit less horrid for the new, clean, white caulk (however, the shower doesn’t work. Guess I’m getting new tub faucets sooner rather than later (the lever you “pull up for shower” is no longer attached to anything).

Then we were at Lowes ordering a window, sort of shooting the shit with the windows-and-doors guy, and I was talking about learning to use tools from my father, and the salesman asked…

“Did you dad always want a son?”…

I swear, power tools and carpentry and toy trucks and I don’t think anyone has ever asked this. I think I answered “No, he just didn’t see any reason I shouldn’t know how to use tools,” which is probably accurate (Dad? Close?).



Djinni is having another free icon day; tips are appreciated & incentivized but not required. If you’re not familiar with Djinni’s work, here are 4 icons he’s done for me:

and some more

Did I mention [personal profile] meeks has illustrated Autumn in the very first story I wrote about her?


Link du jour: a lego bedroom

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