Wednesday, Kitty Edition

Drake earned his keep this morning: at 7:35 (my alarm usually starts ringing at 6:40; I get out of bed between 7 and 7:10), he stuck his nose in my face:
“Are you EVER gonna feed me?”

“Blearg. What time is it?” /peer at alarm clock/ “Hunh. I guess I am.”


“Yes, now, kitty.”

Guess I fed him too much at 4, or he would have woken me up on time 😉

He’s loving the new place, now that he’s gotten used to it, although the closed basement door offends him, especially when we’re down there cleaning it out, and he’s fascinated by the upstairs; when I call him, he almost always comes galloping down the stairs.

BzzAgent sent us a free bag of Hill’s Science Diet “Age Defying cat food” kibble: though Drake’s on wet food for dietary considerations, he gets kibble once in a while for convenience and teeth-cleaning. He seems to inhale this stuff, which, at $10+ a bag, is probably the most return I’ve gotten for internet surfing since I stopped doing MyPoints.

And now, links, also kitty-based:


(I might make mine in grayscale… 😉

aand… less yip, still interesting… Glowing Green Cats

All links via spouse-man

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