Monday, Happily Tired

This weekend involved a lot of shopping of the sort both of us can get behind – Stuff for the House, and Stuff for the Kitchen.

We now have paint for the bedroom, have agreed on trim & stain colors (woo) for the downstairs (Upstairs is a long-term project, which reminds me…)

…does anyone reading this use their home as a home office, and do you have any resources re. taxes ant the like there?

We also pulled out more dead and just-in-the-way wood from the hedgerow, spent half an hour chopping and digging at a stump, and chopped/lopped/sawed much of that wood into manageable lengths to start a firewood pile. Busy-fun weekend!


The poll is up for the donation-perk story from the last Giraffe Call.

There is also, if you are a donor, a poll (DW) to determine what the donor perk stories will be about.


Check out [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s continuing writing from her Garden of Prose!


Link today from DaHob:

And a concept from Cluudle: “Wendy House.”

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