Archive | November 11, 2011

Friday Morning

Been sick for a couple days, which throws everything off. Sort of moping around eating too much – not a good idea while trying to diet, but the carrot cake was really, really tasty.

Hoping for a productive weekend, though. There’s stuff I want to do – now all I need is the energy to do them!

We missed the window for buying garlic to plant in the local stores. Buying it online is shipping-expensive. But it’s one of those things we use a lot of, and being able to plant it would be awesome.

Looking at this icon – I haven’t knitted since we moved. I don’t know that there’s time around nano, but maybe in December I’ll start again. The newest Knitty’s out, and there’s stuff in there I want to knit.

This post is kind of all over the place – which suits my mood, too. Not really a bad mood, just a random one.

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