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Giraffe Call etc. Summary.

This is an addition to the October 26th Summary (LJ).

Since then, I have written & posted:

Year Nine
Frying Pans, Etc. (LJ)
Changed (LJ)
Fae-Bane (LJ)
9 Things I Hate About… (LJ), after Preferences (LJ)
One Sharp Mother (LJ), after Memories (LJ)
and Post-Apoc
Scared (LJ), after Finding Comfort (LJ)

Dragons Next Door
Rule One (LJ) (not technically for the Giraffe Call)
Neighborhood Watch (LJ)
Fears (LJ)and Loopholes (LJ)

The Aunt Family
Trash and Treasures (LJ), after Heirlooms and Old Lace (LJ)

tir Na Cali
Cali-novel 13b (LJ) (Not at all for the Giraffe Call)

In Sickness… (LJ)
Outcast (LJ)

If you haven’t offered feedback to the questions here (or here on LJ), please do! The two most pressing are:

  • The story that is winning comments-for-a-settings-article is the one-off story Cunning Linguist – Would you rather that story, or the runner-up, get the settings article?
  • What prompt themes would you like to see in the future?

Signal Boosts for the last week include:

[personal profile] meeks has posted an update to Radiator Dragon (and on LJh) from [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s poem Restoration. Go squee!
Also! she has uploaded a new detail view of Rin‘s picture 🙂 It’s the city! (Livjournal and Dreamwidth.
She’s also posted a new sketch on DW and LJ – to [personal profile] jjhunter‘s poem The Lamb’s Plea To Them Both, which is definitely worth a read.

[personal profile] lilfluff wrote this story to my prompt.
[personal profile] kajones_writing has posted a lovely story to my prompt.
nijipie has done a really adorable drawing of kitty-me and my Mouse-Girl character Kendra.
check out this! Rix-scaedu painted the Primordial card from Heirlooms & Old Lace 🙂
[personal profile] inventrix drew this picture and this one of Porter from Changed (or on LJ)

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