Archive | November 8, 2011

This Last Giraffe Call by the numbers

I had 13 prompters in Livejournal and 6 in Dreamwidth = 19 total
The gave me 33 prompts in LJ and 9 in Dreamwidth = 42 total (or an average of 2.21/person)

I wrote stories to every one of those 42 prompts.

I had 6 donors, for a donation total of $95.

From those donors, I have written 9 stories and have 2 more to write.
I have yet to write the $35 donation-level story and the setting piece, as well.

Dragons Next Door and Addergoole topped the settings-stories, with 14 Addergoole stories (2 more to go) and 9 Dragons next Door stories, including the linkback incentive story and one technically not part of the Call at all. I’ve got the extra story to go there, too.

I created a new setting (The Aunt Family) and ended up writing 5 stories in that setting; I also wrote three stories in what might be a continuing setting (The Shadow Rebellion) and a new story in each of two settings from the earlier prompts (Bug Invasion and Unicorn/Factory).

I also wrote nine one-offs, ranging in genre, type, and mood all over the board.

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