Friday Morning

Been sick for a couple days, which throws everything off. Sort of moping around eating too much – not a good idea while trying to diet, but the carrot cake was really, really tasty.

Hoping for a productive weekend, though. There’s stuff I want to do – now all I need is the energy to do them!

We missed the window for buying garlic to plant in the local stores. Buying it online is shipping-expensive. But it’s one of those things we use a lot of, and being able to plant it would be awesome.

Looking at this icon – I haven’t knitted since we moved. I don’t know that there’s time around nano, but maybe in December I’ll start again. The newest Knitty’s out, and there’s stuff in there I want to knit.

This post is kind of all over the place – which suits my mood, too. Not really a bad mood, just a random one.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Morning

  1. Any reason to not buy garlic in the grocery store and plant toes of that? I know we end up with sprouting toes in our kitchen cabinet, because they sell the stuff only in packs of three or four bulbs, and we don’t use that much…

    • Mostly that there are two varieties that are sold around here, and it’s hard to tell from the bulbs in the store which they are. (If you peel and freeze it right away, it won’t grow, and is still tasty cooked. We buy it in packs cheap from the Asian market and do that)

      • I was going to suggest the same thing. If it’s difficult to distinguish the bulbs, does it matter which you plant? Or do they have different growing requirements?

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