Thursday, Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving here in the States (though I’m really celebrating more on Saturday).

I have tried, in the past to list something I was thankful for every day of November. This never worked really well, since I’m not very good at keeping with such things.

So today, I shall give you thirty things I’m grateful for.

(1) My husband, always my beloved T. Things would not be good nor awesome without him.
(2) My new friends, particularly daHob, Capriox, and Cluudle, with whom this past year would have been a lot harder
(3) My old friends, particularly E.Mc., for never not being there, and Eseme, for reading nigh on everything.
(4) My parents! I know I’m more lucky than many in that regard.
(5) Awesome internet people – artists like Djinni and Meeks and Micah and writers like Ysabet and Rix and Clare and readers like Anke and kelkyag and yes I know all those categories overlap.
(6) A job that pays the bills and leaves us some left over for fun
(7) HOUSE!! House house house house house!
(8) Lovely little car that goes zoom
(9) Triple-A, and not having to use it.
(10) Wildlife, and not hitting any.
(11) Lovely Drakey kitty, and his health. happy fat kitty!
(12) the internet. Seriously. It makes life so much more connected and so much more … well, fun. Easier. Recipes!
(13) Okay, another things gratitude: appliances that work. really work, and well.
( ) Did I mention HOUSE?
(14) Living in a country where one can speak a dissenting opinion legally.
(15) The right to vote.
(16) Having the same rights across the board as the guy next to me, regardless of said guy’s gender, race, or religion.
(17) Awesome internet fiction
(18) Awesome print fiction
(19) (with overlap) Awesome readers, who give support and feedback
(20) The skills and knowledge to do what we need to do with the house.
(21) Parents we can call on when our skills and knowledge fail.
(22) My grandpa’s hammer – and everything that comes along with it.
(23) A good, free education
(24) Public libraries
(25) I live in a lovely town, I really do
(26) I live in a lovely state, too
(27) I’m blessed with people. Just across the board.
(28) My aunt is in remission from cancer. My uncle is in remission.
(29) My father, despite failing to quit smoking, is in good health since his heart attack.
(30) I had a grandmother who loved and cherished me very much while she lived.

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9 thoughts on “Thursday, Giving Thanks

  1. Thank you. I’m glad to hear that your father, aunt and uncle are doing well. I don’t know any of these people but ‘better’ is always good.

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