Okay, Kelkyag et al…

Pick two points in the Rin & Girey timeline you want to see more of! *rubs hands together* and I’ll start writing!!

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6 thoughts on “Okay, Kelkyag et al…

  1. How does one get into the donor filter? Is there a specific donation threshold? (3 day gap to be filled here) <- is that too obvious a request? 😛

    • Any donation (at least a dollar, PayPal fees, etc.), gets you on the filter, for one month/$4 (or until I remember to update the filter, and +1 week for every week I don’t post donor material). Whee! That’s a reasonable request.

  2. ETOOMANYOPTIONS! Continuing from the third of the three escape attempts, if that stays in canon, when Girey has the skeleton key and goes back to Rin because a certain pair of idiots think he/she/they are a tempting target. Continuing the conversation started in bed the first night/morning in the palace. (I think the most recent short snippet was in the morning after they’d been woken up, but you did not specify.) Continuing the conversation between Girey and Rin’s father. … and I need to cut one of those, huh? Ummm. Perhaps someone else will rescue me from that by also picking one of them. <dithers>

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