Kinkmas Bonus: Exposition, for @Rix_Scaedu

More story of Fae Apoc, the Black House, for Rix’s request.

I could use someone to pick a communal card… or I can ran-generate one for me.

Yaminah didn’t quite look at him. Her vision was still blurry from the drugs, and she wasn’t certain, either, that she dared. “How would you have me serve you, Master?” she asked, her voice feeling a little hollow to her ears. She belonged here. But would she survive it?

He took her chin in his hand, and studied her. “First, by always being honest with me when we are alone. Completely honest.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Secondly, by telling me what brings a former student of Addergoole prostrating herself at my door. Completely honestly, remember?”

Her mouth was suddenly dry as, with his question, the enormity of what she had done began to sink in. “My power, sir,” she said carefully, “tells me where I need to be. It told me I needed to be with you. For the next two years, it seems.”

“Interesting.” He didn’t sound pleased, but, held by the chin, she couldn’t flinch away. “Has it done this before?”

“I’m… not certain. I hadn’t Changed yet when I was caught before. But, considering the way my first year went, I’ve wondered if my power didn’t push me towards him.”

“Even more interesting. A power that wants you Kept.”

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8 thoughts on “Kinkmas Bonus: Exposition, for @Rix_Scaedu

    • He suspects ulterior motives. He went to school somewhere between years 6 & 10 She went somewhere between 11 & 15. It’s now the end of year 16, and the world is about to end.

      • So, is she there because he needs her or is she there because she needs him or is it mutual defence? 🙂 [visions of them shooting over each others shoulders at enemies.]

          • Between the two of them they could cover all the Words, for a start. Given the extracurricular activities at Addergoole, what other useful skills do they both have?

              • One of the reasons Rin kept hers? Something went really wrong and she needed extensive other repairs and that was included in the fix? Many years ago, my aunt was a doctor in outpatients/emergency at a Sydney hospital in an area with a population of Middle Eastern background. They would get families come in after the wedding night and the question would be “Was she a virgin last night?” Was there anyone from before Addergoole she thought she might meet up with again?

                • Mmm… All ideas. I can actually imagine the “something went really wrong.” Small, young women having babies.

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