Thursday and Grey

Forget “jobless recovery;”
The dead brown grass and
stick-figure tress speak to me
of a seasonless winter.

It’s raining today. I’d say this was our normal January thaw, except there’s been nothing TO thaw.

That being said!

We got 3/4 of the bedroom window moulding installed last night. I’m a bit wussy with both a hammer & a saw, but I imagine that will change with time. It’s nice to see things beginning to come together, finally.

Only 3/4, however, because the fourth part of the moulding, well, the casing doesn’t quite fit and the window space isn’t quite big enough for the moulding, so we have to wait for the mud to dry before we install the moulding on top of it.

While I was in Rochester this weekend, my wonder-spouse built a hearth board for our wood stove. Now all we need is some chimney!!

(And there were cookies. Cookies are always good.)

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