Monday, with Snow

Snow falls in inches in laboratories.
Where we live, it falls in
drifting mounds to my knees and
shallow valleys.

Wonderful weekend!! E.Mc & Piven, two of our closest friends, were down to visit, and to celebrate a late Christmas (Giraffe toilet paper holder! Eeeee!) We showed them Ithaca Commons, which we’d somehow managed never to do in the 4 years we’ve lived here, went out to Indian, as per Giraffe Call $50 incentive level (It was awesome. It always is), met up with an author-friend E. originally met at Albacon last year, and generally hung out and ate a lot of food.

I’m feeling recharged and ready for the week.

Also, it snowed. A lot. 🙂

[personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s Garden of Prose is still open; head there to give her a prompt on the theme “Paths.”

shadows-gallery has inked “Frozen.”… it’s a beautiful piece of art that seems to be wanting me to make a story from it.

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