“China is Here,” a story for the Giraffe Call

For [personal profile] the_vulture‘s Prompt.

I think this is a monologue directly after Through the Cracks (LJ), which makes that one a bit more sinister.

For which I apologize. This was intended to be fanciful. O_O

We came with you, you see.

We came with you from England, from Germany, from Poland, from Italy. We came with you from China, from Japan, from Vietnam and Korea. We came from Africa, from the Middle East.

Long before that, we came over on a land bridge, through Russia. Longer still before that, we came out of the trees with you.

We have always been here. We seep in the culture, soaking it in, becoming it, and then we tell it back to you. We become your myths and your stories, and then bring them with you to the new world, your baggage you can never lose, your monkey you will never get off your back. Your roots in your cultural heritage. Your memories of a simpler time (how I love how you do that. As if your nightmare monsters spoke of a “simpler” time. As if your warning stories warned of, what, easier threats?)

Germany is here. Poland is here, China, England, Russia. Every fear and every monster you have ever dreamed up, every explanation for every bump in the night, every silly rhyme to soothe a colicky baby. All of them are here with you, carried like rats in the boats, carried like fleas on the rats, carried like a priceless heirloom in your pocket. We have been following you for millennia.

And now it is our turn to lead.

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5 thoughts on ““China is Here,” a story for the Giraffe Call

  1. A bit more sinister? It was kinda spooky to begin with. Between the two, though, I’m quite intrigued as to what this world will reveal.

  2. I am reminded of American Gods, and bits of Pratchett, about how we carry our culture with us in ways we don’t realize. Spooky, but it makes so much sense…

  3. Long before that, we came over on a land bridge, through Russian. Russia? every silly rhyme to sooth a colicky baby. Soothe? P.S. I like this!

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