What do you want to know about my settings? [DragonsNextDoor, Stranded, Reiassan]

Okay! So the next thing on my list of things to write this weekend is a setting piece.

Dragons next Door won the setting-piece poll (Dreamwidth) by a landslide, 7 to 4 vote each for the 2 runners-up.

So I’ll be writting a page of Encyclopedia Draconica this evening.

And then a piece of Encyclopedia Stranded Or Reiassan.

What would you like to know about these settings?

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2 thoughts on “What do you want to know about my settings? [DragonsNextDoor, Stranded, Reiassan]

  1. Well, with Dragons and Stranded, are we in the same geographical world as this one? It seems obvious that Stranded is, perhaps not so much with Dragons. Not much of an idea, but somewhere to start.

  2. If you go with Stranded, I would love to know more about the magic, and/or the history or traditions of strand-workers of various styles. Or just one style, if that’s too sprawling. In Dragons there are too many things to ask about! What Rix asked, about the geography. Or a broad historical overview of the relationships of the major/dominant races. Or some local subset of that. Or the history of dwimors. Or of either of the schools Sage and Aubrey attended. Or how dragons being genderless works, anyway. And what are their social structures like when they aren’t hanging out with humans? Or much the same of any of the races, really — the Tinies have a new city of their own, but what did they do before they were living with or reflecting humans?

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