Tuesday, with FIRE!

First, a pretty Icon. Thank you, @inventrix!!

Second, guys, we MADE FIRE!! We finally got the wood-burning stove installed and MADE FIRE! There was some smoke and some mess but then fire happened! (the seam on the pipe popped but we got it put back together).

Remembering how to start a fire is, it seems, like riding a bike. You let the memory muscles take over and it works.

And, while our house is not at all set up to be entirely heated by the stove (It’s on the high end of a slightly-sloping downstairs, for one), it certainly helped, and we have lots of scrap wood & half a freecycled ruined barn and grapevine galore to burn, and that’s a lot cheaper (i.e. free) than heating oil/kerosene, which are stupid expensive.

Window is almost done. Next… painting the utility room (woo). 🙂 And the accessory parts of the bedroom.

Signals to Boost!

The Kickstarter is up for Plunge Magazine. Guys, I want to write for this magazine! Help make it happen?

Rix_scaedu wrote me a lovely erotic story , because she’s an awesome friend.

[personal profile] clare_dragonfly had an awesome Garden of Prosey! Read all the stories!

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14 thoughts on “Tuesday, with FIRE!

  1. Yay, fire! Woodstoves are so nice to sit near, and bask. At least, that is what I do. My parents have a fan for theirs – if sits on top of the stove and the hot air rising turns the blades, which move the air further form the stove. It works very well to heat an area sort of around the corner from the stove.

    • We bought my parents a similar one, and will probably get ourselves one, too. This stove has a blower, which helps move the air around.

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