Princesses, Knights, and the Huntsman, a story of the Aunt Family for the (December) Giraffe Call

From the poll for continuation story from December’s Giraffe Call; a bonus because the main story ran short.

A continuation of “Tell me a Story,” (LJ)

The Aunt Family has a landing page here on DW and here on LJ.

Long after her friend and her brothers had run off to play another game, Lily slunk back into the room. Rosaria, who had been expecting something of the sort, crocheted patiently on her seventh afghan this year. They had, after all, a very large family; this one was going to Florida. Even Florida, she’d been told, eventually had cold days, and any grand-niece or nephew could use a little piece of handcrafted love.

Speaking of needing love… “What is it, Lily?” she asked gently.

“I liked the story you made for Cady,” she started hesitantly. Lily was not normally a shy child, which made Rosaria a little worried.

“I’ve made stories for you as well, honey. It was her turn,” she said, hoping that was all it was.

“I know! I’m patient and wait my turn.” She had two brothers; it was a skill she’d probably gotten very good at. “And I know Cady’s demon. I mean, I’ve seen it. Andmaybetheprincesstoo,” she added, all in a rush. “Does every knight get a princess?”

Interesting. And not a conversation Rosaria had thought she’d be having with Lily, and certainly not that young.

“Well,” she started slowly, teasing out a strand of Lily’s hair and beginning to braid it, “not all knights get princesses, no. Not all knights want princesses, of course. Some want princes, or dairy maids, or a really good book.”

“But some knights want princesses? Jennifer said girls didn’t have to be princesses anymore…”

Even more interesting. “But some knights – and some princess, and other princesses, and even huntsman want princesses. And some princesses want them.”

“Okay.” Lily smiled, tracing the swirling pattern of the afghan. “Tell Jordan I said hi?” She jumped down from Rosaria’s lap and darted out, leaving her grandmother to smile in a bit of bemusement.

That one… is going to be a handful. And a wonder

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