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Content warning: this relationship borders on emotionally abusive.

Thorburn released Ceinwen slowly from the hug. It seemed as if he’d been holding her forever, since he’d agreed that now was not the time to talk about the elephant in the living room, since he’d said they had room for negotiation. She’d thought he’d forgotten. She wasn’t quite sure he hadn’t fallen asleep; she wasn’t sure she hadn’t, either. It had been a long day, and it was late.

“You were right. I said you could earn your clothes back, your things. And I never told you how. I admit, I didn’t think about how much.” He stroked her arm. “I like the things I put you in. And I like you naked next to me.”

She wasn’t sure if now was still the time for talking, but she tried. “I wouldn’t mind, if it didn’t feel so demeaning.” Like she wasn’t a person enough to get clothes.

He nodded slowly. “If I don’t wear anything to bed…” He stopped what he was going to say, but she could see the shadows around him. “then you will be getting more waking up in the middle of the night than I think you’d prefer. Boxers and panties?”

“Am I getting a say?”

“I do want you to be happy. And I’d say for helping Basalt out, you deserve a reward, wouldn’t you?”

“I…” She twisted her lips. “‘Good girl, have a gold star?'”

He frowned at her. “You’re not a child, Ceinwen, but you are Mine, and that does mean I get to reward and punish you as I choose. I’d rather work out rewards, give you things for pleasing me. Would you prefer I punish you when you irritate me?”

“The way it seems lately, you’d be punishing me all the time and never rewarding me anyway,” she muttered. She had just a second to realize she’d pushed him too far before he picked her up and bent her over his lap, her wrists pinned at the small of her back. He pulled her skirt up – always skirts, he’d taken all her pants – and his hand came down hard on her ass, one cheek and then the other.

She yelped at the first hit, struggling against his hands, and then whimpered at the second. After that, she froze, hoping he’d stop. She could feel his erection against her stomach and ribs, which made the whole thing more humiliating, more terrifying, more arousing.

He leaned down until his lips were near her ears. “I’d like doing that every time you mouthed off,” he whispered. “But I don’t think you would. So I’ll reward you, and I’ll tell you what will earn rewards. And maybe, sometimes, then, I can just spank you for fun.”

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14 thoughts on “Consequences

    • Hmm. I’m kinda rough on him in the comments over on DW. I’m thinking something more like one step forward but then one step back.

      • Yeah, he is. This is progress, though. Of a sort, anyway. I think the main issue with the relationship is that he wants and enjoys a very heavy D/S relationship and she does not. The Bond will enforce some of it, but she’s still pretty miserable. On the other hand, that little short you wrote for Kinkmas was very interesting.

  1. (This turned into a bit of a rant. Sorry.) 🙁 Borders on the emotionally abusive? Sorry, one of the reasons I tend to skim over Aldergoole and Tir Na Cali these days is that emotionally abusive is pretty much the default setting for relationships in those places. Only rarely does a Keeper or Noble face any kind of justice for, y’know, holding another person against their will. And no one ever escapes, nor is there hope the system might be changed. Sorry about the crit, but it’s frustrating to me, Just once I’d like to see one of the slave holding scum of Tir Na Cali get yanked over their border at a tender young age and see how much they like being stuck in the American prison system the rest of their lives. And then ordered to like it. I think I’ll stick with Dragons Next Door. It’s better for my blood pressure in the end.

    • I was called on that “borders” by someone else, too. (In retrospect, I think I have a skewed perspective of where the line for emotional abuse is).

      • We’re different people. It’s only expected that we wouldn’t see what we write and read in the same way. I’m probably somewhat skewed by reading and writing a lot in chaypeta‘s Terinu universe, which features an entire race of people genetically engineered to follow orders no matter what. Their life under their original masters was okay (for highly variable definitions of “okay”). When humans get a hold of them their situation becomes increasingly horrifying. [1] Total power over someone’s will is a recipe for an abusive relationship, especially in a power like Tir Na Cali that thinks cross-border kidnapping is a cultural imperative. If you were a lousy writer, I could put your work in the kindling pile next John Norman and Piers Anthony and forget about it. But you’re good enough that I care about what’s happening in your worlds, and in some of them I want to take the POV characters and throw them into a wood chipper. Ahem. Again, sorry. [1] Imagine if you will a creature that appears “cute” and childlike (average height between 3’5″ and 4′), with fully adult sexual capabilities and no ability to say “No” to their desinated Master. Now hand them over to someone with barely suppressed paedophile tendencies…

        • After some discussion with some friends, I’ve agreed to have stuff that will need a content warning beta-read-for-content-warning, because my lines appear to be a little off. I… do not think I could read that. But that comes close to my squick (and yes, I do have one. No-one was as surprised as me to find that out). In re. Ceinwen and Thorburn, I know where they’re going, and so the steps along the way seem less extreme, because I know where they end up.

          • I… do not think I could read that. But that comes close to my squick Mine too. The scene in question was handled with a discreet cutaway however. Since it’s been unfinished for two years I don’t think Peta is going to do any more with it though (though I did borrow one of the other abused ferin in the story and had her show up in The Summer Intern. I just had to give the poor dear a happy ending.)

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