Week Summary, with Signal Boosts

[personal profile] anke is holding a fishbowl! The theme is “Law and Order!” Go prompt her!
[personal profile] meeks posted her adorable pictures from the most recent SketchFest!
[personal profile] moonvoice has posted some gorgeous totem art!

Betas: Lair (LJ could use a look-over, pls.

[personal profile] smw wrote this absolutely awesome fic, “The Dream of Agathopia”
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith posted here Fishbowl Report for the most recent fishbowl. She also posted this adorable poem yesterday! And this discussion on writing alternate history.
Djinni drew himself some icons, for once! Yay! 🙂

And my writing over the last week:

Giraffe Call (Yes, still January’s!):
The Snow War (LJ)

Lines of the City (LJ)

Fae Apoc:
Ending the Hunt (Lj)
Singing down History (LJ)
Learning of History (LJ
In the Jam (LJ)
On the River (LJ)
These Walls Can Talk (LJ)
On the RIver (LJ

Fairy Town:
Mrs. Gent’s Lemonade (LJ)
Differences of Opinion (LJ)

Exterminator (LJ)

Bug Invasion:
It’s all in your Head (LJ)

The Silver Road (LJ)

Aunt Family
Midnight, Summer Solstice (LJ)

Up From the Cracks (LJ)


Two Vignettes of Cya (LJ)
All you Can Be (LJ) Ahouva
Prickly (LJ) Sylvia/Gar
In the Infirmary (LJ)
Porter Needs a Girlfriend (LJ) Arundel/Timora
Fae Apoc:
Exit Strategy (LJ) [Donor Perk]
By the Wall (LJ [Donor Perk]

Aunt Mini-Giraffe Call:
Kitten Negotiations (did not xpost)
Unexpected Guest (LJ)
That Damn Cat (LJ)

Whew! All that writing tires my fingers out! And you know what?
This Saturday, 2/18, is the Next Giraffe Call!
The Theme is Wine and/or Roses!

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