So Many Stories! What do you want a continuation of?

Behind the cut is a list of every story I have written so far for this Giraffe Call (January).

Rather than try to put them ALL on a poll, I’m going to ask you, first: which of these would you like to see continued? Then I will put all those on a poll 🙂

First Steps (LJ) The city remembers
The Dark Places, the Numbered Streets (LJ) – Ance seeks a real adventure. And finds it.
Recovering the City (LJ)
The Tuesday Map (LJ) Life in the BAELZ.
Souvenir (LJ) A little something from every city
Birth of a City (LJ) It started with asteroid miners…
Breaking Ground (LJ)
…On My Parade (LJ)
Down in Human Town (LJ)
Kirkevaren (LJ)
And Before That? (LJ)
Backstage (LJ), technically Big Trouble in Little China fanfic
The Snow War (LJ)

Fairy Town
Strange Neighbors (LJ) [After the Fairy Road (here on LJ)]
Loaves (LJ)
The Beggars (LJ)
City Holiday (DW)
Re-Blessing the Church (LJ)
Burning Summer Quest (LJ)
In Mr. Ting’s (LJ)
Mrs. Gent’s Lemonade (LJ)
Differences of Opinion (LJ)
The “A” Shelves (LJ)
Katydid’s Camp (and on LJ)

The Cracks
Through the Cracks (LJ)
“China is Here” (LJ)
The Dark of the City (Lj)
Up From the Cracks (LJ)

Unicorn Chase (LJ)
The Silver Road (LJ)

Origins of Smokey Knoll (LJ)
Planning Board Woes (LJ)
Home to Pixie Town ()
Exterminator (LJ)

Underneath (LJ) [Josie]
On the Subway

Shadow Rebellion
Evoloution (LJ)

a Growing Plan (LJ)

Further Exploration Reveals… (LJ)
“I said, Further Exploration reVEALS,” (LJ)

Bug Invasion
From the moment they breathed our air (Lj) after: Staying in the City (LJ) and Spooks vs. Bugs (DW)
It’s all in your Head (LJ)

Road Map To… (LJ), a story of Steam!Callenia
Stories of the City (LJ)

Lines of the City (LJ)
Laying the Foundation (LJ)

Tir na Cali
Tea with HER (beginning) (LJ)
Tea with HER (continuation) (LJ)
Tea with HER (continuation 2) (LJ)
Tea with HER (continuation 3) (LJ)
Tea with HER (continuation 4) ()
Tea with HER (continuation 5) (LJ)
Tea with HER (Completion) (LJ)
Window Shopping (LJ)
Down in Kitty Town (LJ)

Aunt Family
Midnight, Summer Solstice (LJ)

Fae Apoc
Scrounging for History (LJ)
Digging through History (LJ)
Delving in History (LJ)
Bringing Home History (LJ)
Singing down History (LJ)
Learning of History (LJ

Down in the Dark (LJ)
When the Gods Attacked (LJ)
Ending the Hunt (Lj)
In the Jam (LJ)
On the River (LJ)
These Walls Can Talk (LJ)
On the River (LJ
Step on my Tail (LJ)

Family Legacy (Dreamwidth)
When the Gods Attacked

Edited to add: that’s 55 separate stories, counting continuations as part of the original. And I’m not DONE with the January call yet!

And More Stories:
Mission to Paris (LJ)
Presented (LJ)
Paying the Rent (LJ) (Baram’s Jaelie and her Wish)
Fae Apoc:
Getting Over History (LJ)
Making New History (LJ)
Trusting in History (LJ)
Bug Invasion
Poison (LJ)

Fairy Town
Meeting Mr. Ting (LJ)
About the Want (LJ)
What You Need (LJ)
Guarding the Church (LJ)
Productive (LJ)
The Governors (LJ)
Right and Wrong (LJ)

(second edit. Added more stories, recounted, seems I was off by 10 last time)

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6 thoughts on “So Many Stories! What do you want a continuation of?

  1. Dark of the City is in the Cracks ‘verse? Interesting. I did not catch that at the time. Should Kirkevaren be listed under Fairy Town with Reblessing the Church? Continuation wishlist, short form: The Tuesday Map And Before That? Strange Neighbors The Beggars The Silver Road Origins of Smokey Knoll The Exterminator Evolution A Growing Plan Road Map To … Lines of the City Midnight, Summer Solstice The stories from the Aunts mini-call aren’t elegible, I suppose. Moar Radar! Also, good grief, that’s a lot of writing. I am astonished that you haven’t worn your fingers down to nubs, between that and house-building.

    • I’m not sure. They *could* be, I suppose, but the latter is definitely Fairy Town and the former, less so. I still have 1 Radar continuation to write, at least, already. House-building takes a bit of a hiatus in the cold, at least, but yeah. O_O It’s a lot of writing and I’m not done yet!!

  2. The stories I’d really like to see continued would be: Unicorn Chase It’s all in your Head The Snow War And either Kirkevaren or Reblessing the Church. And just to make sure I got this right: The “word count and a half” incentive for 150 dollars was for the extra words we got from donating, no…? So I’d have 1.5 times 1000 words…?

      • Lovely, thanks for clarifying that. I’ll use those words to continue some of those stories already then. 500 words for a continuation of ‘It’s all in your Head’, 500 words for ‘Unicorn Chase’ and 500 words for, hm, either ‘Kirkevaren’ or ‘Reblessing the Church’ – surprise me on which one? Evidently I have no regrets about subjecting the world at large to even more kirkevarer~

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