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Advance Notice: Prompt Call Coming Tomorrow

Starting Tomorrow around 5 pm. Eastern Time and lasting through noon Thursday, I am going to be hosting a Prompt Call!

The point of this Giraffe-Like Call is not so much money as feedback and eyes on the page.  That is:

* the more comments things get, the more I’ll write on them.

* the more new people leave prompts/leave comments, the more I’ll write!

I’m going to be heavily practicing the art of the cliffhanger over the next few days, so if you can think of anyone who might want to check out my fiction and leave a prompt / leave a comment, send ’em my way!

Everything will be posted on LynThorneAlder.com and/or patreon.com/aldersprig (anything on Patreon will be open for all to read!)

The theme for this prompt call is Gone Fishin’ / Fish Story. Get your fishy prompts ready!

Note: You CAN, as is the habit of a couple of my readers ;-), leave me prompts such as “Rin and Girey go fishing.” (Not that one, I wrote that already) ( https://www.patreon.com/posts/gone-fishing-39806536 ) or “some more on Fish Story” –

(that’s here – http://www.lynthornealder.com/2011/06/16/30daysmeme-fish-story-tir-na-cali/ – or there’s this one – http://www.lynthornealder.com/2008/11/06/dribs-and-drabs-a-fish-story-incomplete/ )

– and I’ll do my best on those, but I’m going to request that you also leave me at least one prompt that doesn’t require research 😉  Wednesday I’m aiming for a wordcount record and those are harder to get while falling into reading-all-my-old-fic holes 😀 😀

Advance Notice: February Giraffe Call

This is an Advance Notice. The Call for Prompts will take place next Friday. <3

For February, I am going to do a more standard Giraffe Call on a subject I need practice with.

February’s Giraffe Call will remain open from bedtime Friday, February 7th until bedtime (approx 10 p.m. EST) Monday, February 10th. It will remain open one day longer (and open to advance prompts) for donors.

The prompt theme is villains, antagonists, and bad guys.

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Absolutely Tiny Mini-Giraffe-Call Advance Notice

I will be holding three absolutely tiny Mini Giraffe Calls over the next few days.

The window for prompting will be open for an hour each time.

These will be:

Tuesday, 1/15/13, from 8:15 – 9:15 a.m. EST, with a theme of the weather

Wednesday, 1/16/13, from 12:30 – 1:20 p.m. EST, with a theme of transitions


Thursday, 1/17/13, from 9:15 – 10:15 p.m. EST, with a theme of seven deadly sins.

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Made an Icon, tomorrow’s Giraffe Topic set!

In related news:

I’ve been contemplating people to tell me what their favorite story of mine has been, with eventually putting together a curated e-book of Best of the Giraffe. Worth an extra prompt being written, perhaps, or an additional 100-200 words on a story. Thoughts?

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On Writing, Time, and Giraffe Calls

I have been having a lovely time gardening and working on the house in the last couple weeks.

However, this means that, coupled with being busier at work, I have less time for writing.

Pair this with launching my new webserial this week, and I have Almost No Time for writing (eek).

I have decided that the September and October Giraffe-Bunny-Safari-Calls will be Very Mini Indeed: In lieu of the standard call, I am going to have a 2-hour window (time to be pre-announced) on the normal day (the 15th of September, the 13th of October). In that two-hour period, I will have a livewriting window open and take prompts on a to-be-chosen theme.

Consistent contributors: is there a time during Saturday EST that works well for you?

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Giraffe Call Upcoming!

I have been taking suggestions for this year’s Giraffe Call series – the Rabbit Safari.

The call will begin this Saturday, August 18th.

Current topic suggestions include:
Storms and droughts. x2
Lost or forgotten things. x3 Note: I have done “Lost and Found” once before
Fight ALL the oppressions!
Fuzzy? x3
Skins and furs
Legacies and fate
adventures and quests, possibly with furred people. X3

(x2 count things that people have said “Yes, that!” to)

What would YOU like the call to be about?

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Prompt Call(s) – Rix’s and Mine!

[personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s Prompt Call is still open until Tuesday her time. Go leave her 14 prompts! (or less. I’m just enthusiastic.

Of the awesome stuff from this call, I most recently enjoyed On the Edge of Disaster, set in the same universe as her Rensa stories, and Testing a Theory, which makes me want to write a crossover with her into my Science! ‘verse

Speaking of prompt calls!

I am taking suggestions for my August 18th Rabbit Safari call.

Current suggestions include:
Storms and droughts.
Lost or forgotten things.
Fight ALL the oppressions!Fuzzy? (the first thing that comes to mind with rabbit)
Skins and furs
Legacies and fate
herefore adventures and quests, possibly with furred people.

And why it’s a Rabbit Safari:
Here’s a sheet. And a sheet with Theocracy.

My grandmother gave me those sheets when my parents built their house; I was 5. That makes them thirty-one years old. And they’re in bad shape, but I love them.

My mother recently brought down my childhood bed, which now lives in the upstairs as a guest bed. And I want to redo that space (Which is currently a mess, as [personal profile] eseme can attest; the paneling goes every which way, there’s neither door nor blinds, the floor is industrial linoleum, and so on). Not a full redo, because that’s going to require ripping out the walls. That’s down the road several years. But enough to make it nice for company. New sheets & blanket. Curtains and blinds. Mom’s providing the door. A rug. Maybe a piece of art for the wall.

And the bunnies! I’m going to work around that sheet, even though I can’t really put it on the bed. Have a new pillowcase printed at Spoonflower, turn the old sheet into part of a stuffed bunny pillow, maybe frame one of the bunnies.

So, while my bedroom is giraffe-and-safari themed, this one is going to be bunny-safari themed. And if that’s a bit juvenile… well, it might be a kids’ room someday, too. 😀


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Upcoming Giraffe Call: Rabbit Safari

(The reason for the name will become clear soon (but not in this post), I promise)

So! [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith will be hosting her monthly fishbowl on the 7th, next Tuesday.

That means my Giraffe Call will be on the 18th, 3 Satyr-days from now.

And I don’t have a clue for a theme. Suggestions?

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Giraffe Call Advance Notice

Tomorrow through Monday evening will be my Giraffe Call for April. The theme will be Celebrations and Special Events.

In the Lawn & Garden theme of the Spring, I will be working towards a reel mower for portions of our yard.

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