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Upcoming Giraffe Call: Request for Theme Ideas

I’m working on putting together a Giraffe Call!

Give me some theme ideas?

Options from rix_scaedu:
Love, lust and obsession.
Drama queens and divas.
Green thumbs.
Impossible ideas.

Ideas from [personal profile] alatefeline:
Senses (including senses beyond/other than the best-known human 5).
Plants and a plant approach to growth.
When the best answer is FIRE.

Giraffes from sauergeek:
* Underwater exploration (maybe a fjord)
* Summer ritual celebrations
* The end of a dying town
* What’s on the other side of…?

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Giraffe Dungeon Cave Donation Incentives: Character art. Whatcha want?

While the Dungeon & Cave call didn’t reach $100 ($94!), it did reach and far exceed the $40 character art level.

So: Which character or pair of characters do you want to see art of? Going by donations to continue, the most popular were Daxton and his mercenary, the princess and her angry captive, Ivor and Valeta, and Edora and Prince Rodegard – but it’s a lot more spread out than it was in August (Catboy Samurai all the time!).

So who do you want to see?

Need a refresher? All the stories can be found in The Giraffecall tag (and on LJ).

Any character from this Giraffe Call is fair game, not just those I’ve mentioned above.

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(It’s Gonna Be) May – looking for THEMES for an experimental Giraffe #promptcall

(also – I need my icons back. As always, I will write 150 words/$ paid to upgrade my DW account to paid).

Okay! This month I want to try something different for the Giraffe Call – as I experimented with here and here.

In essence: over the course of a few days or a week, putting up micro-calls with different themes and a very limited number of prompt openings for each one, 3-6 per micro-call.

Which means I need theme ideas! Something you want me to write about?

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If I do a Giraffe Call this month, it will be a mini-call.

I will either go with something random or, more likely, do a setting-specific call, or, possibly, “would you like to see 250 more words on an extant story?”

Thoughts, oh my readers?

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Giraffe Logistics.

I am contemplating (unsurprisingly) a Giraffe Call this weekend.

Because of the April A-Z thing, I’m thinking of trying to to an A-Z giraffe call, but I’m having a bit of trouble with logistics.


1. I don’t normally get 26+ prompters, but I normally write 1 prompt/prompter unless donations occur
2. Comments across two+ platforms (LJ/DW, sometimes Twitter)
3. Many people leave multiple prompts, meaning I can’t just say “leave a prompt in the letter after the person above you.”
4. Smartasses.

Thoughts on solutions:
* Suggest if people leave multiple prompts, they do so over a letter range that does not completely overlap with the person above them. I.e., ie person 1. does a, b, and c, person 2. should do b, c, d, and e.
* Have a list of letters in the Call and cross out letters as I receive three or more prompts to each.
* Have other ways to get a second prompt written than just donations (Signal boosts, up to three?)
* Suggesting that if one is going to leave a letter prompt in another alphabet, one must leave considerable linked backup.
* [personal profile] itsamellama has suggested having an unlockable/incentive if we reach all 26 letters.
Thoughts on what it should be?

Not worth it, try something else?
Why are you still bothering with this at all?

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Feedback wanted! A roundup of feedback requests on the Giraffe Call!

I’ve been dropping little feedback requests in between stories; here’s a roundup list if you’ve missed them!

Poll Which JANUARY Story do you want to see continued?
“Exterminator” and “The Silver Road” are tied for first place.

Reconsidering Giraffe Incentives (LJ) in light of time crunching.

Call for Call Ideas! (LJ)

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Reconsidering Giraffe Incentives and Time Crunching

As I struggle to finish January‘s Giraffe Call, I am coming to the conclusion that I have overextended myself on, at the very least, the higher reaches of the call incentive levels and need to rethink them.

So, my question to you, oh my readers:

* What incentives do you really like, that encourage you to participate/donate?
* Which don’t motivate you at all/do you really not care about?
* Would you rather have less in a more timely fashion, or more stretched out over 2-3 months?

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Call for Call Ideas!

I am, unless I want to do something about the misappropriation of cultural heritage or the evolution of holidays over different cultures for March or April, out of seasonal ideas for Giraffe Calls!

So, my fine readers: please give me suggestions, here, for Giraffe Call Themes.

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