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Addergoole, Year 16 – 10-year-Reunion for the Third Cohort

They’d left the kids at home, although the event had childcare. The longer it was until their children knew about Addergoole, the better.

Ayla would have preferred to wait five or six more years, until their oldest was called here, or, better yet, not ever return at all, but Io had classmates she missed, so they packed up, asked a favour of her brother, and headed for the damn reunion.

It was only when they were getting off the plane that Ayla realized that her unflappable wife was nervous, her hands shaking, her skin pale. “Io…?”

“Almost fifteen years ago,” she whispered. “I got off this plane with Callie. I made it out of there. She…”

“She’s walking towards you. Find a smile, honey.” She shone lightly on her beloved, helping her find her peace. “And with Rory, too!”

Her redheaded half-brother waved at her across the distance. “Look, Callie,” they could hear him trying to be quiet, “it’s Ayla and Io. It really is going to be a reunion.”

“And there’s Richard and Caity.” Callista’s voice sounded brighter, more human, than the last time they’d seen her. “And…” She trailed off, and they all turned to look.

“It’s not him, Callie.” Io broke the silence.

They could understand why she was staring. The boy bore a stunning resemblance to the asshole who had tortured and ruined her – but he was a boy. Maybe 15, 16 at the outside. A kid.

And he was entirely lost. “Hey,” he asked, noticing the four – now six – adult staring at him. “Do you guys know where Addergoole is?”

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  1. “Oh dear, they let you off in the wrong town. Here, let me buy you a ticket…” What? If Regine doesn’t want them to do that then Regine should come meet the kids herself. :p

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