Djinni Icon Time!

So! Djinni has completed another set of icons!! (That’s Summer, up there, giving me 3/4 of a set:

(Winter, Autumn, Summer)

I also got an image of Beryl and the Damn Cat, bringing me to three Aunt Family icons by three different artists

Annnnnnnnnnd with icons posted,
Icon Day 22 is up! Which means decisions!

I’ll satisfy @inventrix’s idea of a set and get Spring for my first icon. Buuuut if the donations get to $300 (And the have the last umpteen times)… what then?
Thoughts include:
* A gremlin or pixie from Dragons Next Door
* A blue person from Vas World
* Ciara, Ahouva, or another Yr 9 character
* Pepper, Fuchsia, or another Year 14 character (okay, that one’s probably silly)
* Another Facets character.


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