Excerpt 4 tonight: from Addergoole: Year 9 (the serial)

From my upcoming serial, Addergoole: Year Nine (52 Weeks, 52 Stories).

Some of them liked to pretend they didn’t. Some tried to say it was all the students’ choice, and they mustn’t do anything at all to influence it, even think about it. Some said let nature take its course.

Shira had been a hunter, a trapper, long before she’d been a teacher.

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0 thoughts on “Excerpt 4 tonight: from Addergoole: Year 9 (the serial)

          • Interesting question which is not Year 9. I know why Penny approached Fridmar to be her Mentor but was he angling for her at all? Lemon, I assume, may have had an interesting set of interviews and then had to wait while the panel came to its decision. 🙂

          • Well, Penny wanted someone who would understand that North Americans are strange, well different to where she came from, and that sort of narrowed it down to him and Akinobou. I wonder who they thought she’d go with? I suspect Lemon’s placement was engineered by Luke.

          • Well that didn’t turn out as expected, did it? Imagine if she’d overlapped with Rozen and Baram?

          • Let’s see At first he would have glowered. “What do you want to be cy’Fridmar for, anyway?” in this ‘verse, they have no female cy’Frids. “You should see her fridge.” Bowen is helpful Then to leering, and friendly advances. The first time anyone thought about hurting her, he would have destroyed them.

          • He probably wouldn’t have liked her response to the first question. (“Because Americans are strange and he knows that. He also understands them better than I do and I need help.”)

          • No, he would have liked that. Rozen may be my favorite baddie. I may have sort of cloned him in Amadeus. Only more vulnerable. (Amadeus/Ciara porn is gonna be SO much fun.)

          • Penny would have fed him and Baram. I wonder if she would have approached one of them when she decided to get pregnant, instead of Alexander?

          • I think you’re right. Both would have been snarlingingly protective, although awkwardly

          • That suggests that if Baram remembered Callista, he might be on the “Beat up on Ib” team.

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