Addergoole Year Nine Character Profile: Kheper

Addergoole Year Nine won the reader poll for “Next Year’s serial;” the story proper will begin the first full week of September.

In the meantime, please enjoy the third of twenty-something character profiles: Kheper.

b. March 15, 1987

Kheper is fiery, stubborn, strong, and hardworking, a handsome dark-haired man with a resemblance to Disney’s Aladdin. His Change involves chitin armor, beetle wings, and claws, as well as scarab horns.

His mother, Tanith, is an Egyptian student-visa to the US. Her Name translates to Brings the Pain and her Change is draconic, with arm-wings that are long and fluttery and head-spikes that are quite intimidating. She is iridescent orange in color, at least in her scales and wings.

She was a studious, serious student and matured into a strong, serious woman who demands the very best of everyone around her.

His father, Jibril, is a far-older Arabic immigrant to the United States. He has a similar change to his son, an insect Change with chitin armor that resembles small plates of jointed armor, with a set of horns resembling an ancient samuri helmet. He takes his responsibilities seriously, but that is about all he takes seriously. His Name translates to Withstands.

Jibril was held against his will by a female Nedetakaei Hunter for some time immediately before joining Regine’s project, resulting in


Kheper is not the first child either provided to the project, but when conceiving him, they fell in love and were married soon afterwards. They have two other children, who will come to the school in later years.

Kheper was raised by both parents, in an affluent Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C. He grew up with his mother pressuring him to strive to the highest summits he could reach, his father driving home the importance of responsibility, and both expecting him to, perhaps, be a bit more adult than he was ready for.

He simultaneously rebelled against this mindset and took it in, becoming a studious boy in some classes and an absolute goof-off in others, dependant on his respect, or lack therof, for the teacher and, to a lesser extent, the season.

He likes sun, and likes to be outdoors during the summer months quite a bit. He spends more time than is good for his studies playing hooky as soon as the weather warms up, and takes winter with more than a little bit of grumbling.

When he decides someone is “his person,” nothing short of a complete and utter betrayal will change his mind.

He has expensive tastes, and already knows good wine and good food. His parents did manage to instill that at an early age.

Physical, he is a slight, tall young man. He’s 5’7” as he enters Addergoole and will gain another three inches in his first year, another inch each year afterwards. He isn’t prone to athletic activities that put on muscle, although he was learning skateboarding and brings his ‘board to school with him.

He has black hair that he keeps shaggy and shoulder-length because it offends his mother, chocolate brown eyes, and slightly-too-shaggy eyebrows. His skin starts out a deep brown, summer-sun baked.

Because his mother told him he was coming to an exclusive prep school, his wardrobe consists primarily of prep-school clothes: polo shirts, button-downs, khakis. He even has two shirts with the Addergoole crest on them. He prefers light colored clothing, and almost everything he owns fits in that category. If dressing “down,” he wears tailored jeans and fitted T-shirts.

Math and history are his least-good classes, because he didn’t get along with those teachers back home. Science is his best.

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  1. I can’t quite decide whether or not Cody would like him or put him on the “keep your distance” list. I can picture them both “dressed down” running across each other in the hall. One in custom cut jeans and shirt and the other in baggy overalls and an old hand-me-down t-shirt. Have to wait until I get to see some page time. 🙂

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