July Mini-Girafe Call: Addergoole Summer Camp!

The July Mini-Giraffe Call is OPEN!

The theme this month is Addergoole Summer Camp

For the next 60 hours, leave your prompts on Addergoole characters, Addergoole themes, and the like… in the summer. Or at camp. Be creative, be silly. I know I will be!

Reiassan has a landing page here (and on LJ)

Because this is a mini-Call, there will be mini-perks!

* For every $10 donated, one prompter chosen at random will get an extra 500-word story –
* For every $30 donated, I will write a second story to three people’s prompts – chosen at random
* $60 level pending 😉

* If you donate, as always, you have sponsored 100 words continuation on any Giraffe story for every $1US donated, and I will write to at least one additional prompt of yours.

* For every prompter I will write 50 words on an extra story. For every linkback, 25 words. Every donation, 75 words!

At least 1/2 the proceeds of this Call will go towards hiring crowdfunded art or editing for the Addergoole Year 9 e-book.

Donate below

I also take payment by Dwolla

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0 thoughts on “July Mini-Girafe Call: Addergoole Summer Camp!

  1. * The adventures of Doctor Caitrin: Summer Camp Nurse * characters we know as camp staff, with varying degrees of willingness. * Story Time! What stories would they tell the kids? * Running into pre-AG friends, trying to share stories * Someone undergoes a change at summer camp. Awesomeness ensues. (Well, the kids think it’s awesome, the adults are likely panicking with the assumption that the kids will panic) * Ghost stories told by an actual ghost. * “Wait a second, this cabin only had six bunks and kids this morning. Why are there now eight of each?” * Having fun while stuck in summer school

  2. What kind of ghost stories would you tell after a year at Addergoole? S’more’s! Somebody has to make some..

  3. Adddergoole planned summer activities for those who can’t/don’t leave the school and Village for the holiday, because if you don’t give them something to do they will find something to do on their own. cy’Fridmar out of school. cy’Linden out of school. What a Professor did on their vacation. I have linked back http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/89906.html

  4. Out playing in a wilderness, camping, and they find someone else who is undergoing (or has undergone) an unexpected Change.

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