The Ropes

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Rozen is a character in Addergoole

Warning: bondage, but no sex

“And to think, I nearly went to the Police Academy.” Rozen tied another knot, immobilizing the slim, naked girl hanging in front of him. She could still wiggle, and she was doing quite a bit of that, but the most she could do would be to set herself to swinging, as she was, swaying lightly back and forth. “Plenty of time for that in the fall; this is so much more fun.” He grabbed her by her raven hair. Raven, sadly, not red. But there would be redheads later. “This is a lot more fun.”

He had gagged the girl with another knot of rope, so she couldn’t answer coherently, but she mumbled something around the gag anyway, sounding deliciously stuck. There were benefits to playing with humans; one of those was that he really had no concern she’d ever come gunning for him.

Of course, she had walked into this willingly, which was another plus.

He pulled her face around until she was looking up at him, her scalp at his navel. “You are loads of fun.” He meant it, too, although he missed the drunk look that the bond could give a girl when you praised her. Maybe he needed a Kept.

Maybe he needed a bullet to the skull.

She mumbled up at him, and he pinched her nipples happily. “Comfortable? I could really get into this, you know.” He fiddled with the ropes around her ankles, changing the angle of her suspension, dropping her head down a couple more inches. “This is really the best thing I could have done with my summer.” He reached for his belt, and watched her eyes widen.

“We’ll see how you feel about that tomorrow, why don’t we?” The voice behind him stopped him dead.

“Tomorrow?” He turned around, the raven-haired girl suddenly forgotten for another dark girl. Annissa, the woman who’d invited him here. And she was smiling. For a moment, he thought he saw fangs flicker as if she’d let a Mask slip.

“You have to take your turn in the ropes, too, Rozen. It’s in the contract.” This time, he was sure her teeth were inhumanly sharp. “You should really learn to read things before you sign them.”

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