In The Tower, Continued (for @dahob)

After In the Tower and In the Tower, Continued

For @Dahob’s 500-word continuation from the June Mini-Giraffe Call

Bobbie was getting bored. It wasn’t the first time he’d gotten bored, but this was the longest he could remember.

For days, the food had been boring and short, and there hadn’t been any new books or even any homework, no toys, no

games, nothing in over a week. The TV was on the fritz, which meant he had three old books, a notebook full of

drawings, and pacing. And pacing was getting really, really boring.

More than bored, though, Bobbie was starting to get worried. They’d left him high and dry a couple times before, but

never for this long. It brought home just how trapped he was, how doomed he was if his invisible captors ever forgot

he was here.

And that was making him antsy and jumpy, listening for any noise. Dinner was late. Dinner had been getting, as far as

he could tell (His clock had stopped), later and later every day. And he was getting hungrier and hungrier, bored and

impatient and nervous and jittery and…

A long scraping noise outside his tower derailed his thoughts. Bobbie ran to the balcony-window. Something, something

was happening! The noise repeated, sounding closer. Sounding like something was ripping up the side of his tower, of

his home.

He paused in the balcony entryway. Did he really want to go outside? There was something loud and bad happening out

there, and he was running right to it.

Or he could sit in his room and let things happen without him. He stuck his head out, peering cautiously around, first

to the left – nothing – then to the right.

There was a claw holding onto his tower. A claw with fingers as long as he was tall. He whipped his head around,

looking back to the right.

A giant eye stared back at him. A giant eye, attached to a giant face. A dragon face. “Aaaah!”

The door slammed shut behind him, the lock clicking loudly. He was trapped on a tiny balcony a hundred feet above the

ground, with a dragon staring at him.

“Shit, crap, darn, I need better swear words, poop, crap, shit!” He shook the door handle, but it wasn’t budging. To

the right, the claw was inching closer. To the left, the face was getting even closer to him. And the dragon’s tongue

was darting out, slinking out and licking him on the face.

Bobbie sank down to the ground, wondering if the railing around the tiny balcony would offer any protection. He was

going to die. He was going to die, and nobody’d ever come to find him.

“Delicious.” The dragon hissed it, like a snake talking. Its snout was pressed up against the balcony, its tongue

darting down to lick Bobbie again. “Go and eat, little morsel. Eat lots, and keep up your energy.”

He was going to die. He was going to… what? He peered up at the creature uncertainly. “Eat?”

“Eat. Eat, and grow strong. I will be back again.”

The dragon flew off, its wings pushing the air in waves against Bobbie’s hiding place. Behind him, the door swung


I will be back again. And it wanted him to eat more. He gulped. He had to get out of this place.

Edited to add: The funky line breaks were an accident, but I kinda like them, so I’m going to keep them

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  1. Well crap! His best hope is that the dragons forget about him again for a bit, and he can figure out some way to escape off the balcony.

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