Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: Wylie

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For the 52 days leading up to the 52 weeks of Addergoole: Year 9, I will be posting something Addergoole-related every day.

Today I present to you Wylie!

Art by herminion

Wylie is a middling-heighted boy with middling-brown hair and a middling build, with average grades and an average athletic ability. On paper, he is an entirely ordinary fifteen-year-old boy. (click link for more description).

His parents have told him that Addergoole is a school for “gifted” children, by which he believes they mean “disobedient and distractable.”

Wylie originally appeared in Pissing Away Time.

And, today, if you would like to ask Wylie any question, at any point up to the end of Pissing Away Time, feel free!

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0 thoughts on “Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: Wylie

  1. Interesting vignette; I must have missed it the first time around. Question for Wylie: given your interpretation of “gifted,” do you consider yourself disobedient and/or distractable? If you do, what sorts of trouble do you tend to get into, and do you find the game worth the price? Note for Aldersprig: the link to “Pissing Away Time” has an extra %22 on the end.

    • /Wylie shrugs uncomfortably/ I don’t, you know, mean to be trouble or anything, it’s just that classes are kind of boring sometimes, and there’s always something more interesting to do. But I guess my teachers get sick of dealing with it – with me – you know? I mean, there was this one time Mr. Jordan called on me in History and I’d been drawing in my notebook instead of taking notes, and everyone laughed when he held it up. But then everyone wanted to ask questions about my picture instead of talking about history. So yeah, I mean, I guess I’m probably more trouble than a normal school wants to deal with. Why else would my folks send me halfway across the country?

      • *nods* I used to get in trouble in grade school for having a book on my lap and reading it instead of listening to the teacher.

        • Wow, I never thought of that! /Wylie Grins/ They probably would have liked that more than drawing castles and stuff. I mean, at least then I look like I’m studying, right? Thing is, I aced the tests anyway. I think that pissed… err, sorry, ma’am. Think that ticked him off worse.

    • /Wylie blushes/ Well, I mean, it started out as a castle, which made sense, since it was all about medieval times and everything, but then I added gun turrets, like out of Star Wars, you know, and then I put a dragon in the moat, because Chinese dragons are really cool, and… wel,l by the time I was done, it was a space fortress sort of shaped like a castle.

      • If the medieval owners of castles could have laid their hands on them then they would have put in gun turrets too!

  2. “So Wylie, what would you do if– ack, hey, let go!” At which point I’m pulled away for trying to give Wylie warnings about AG through blatantly worded questions… Returning looking rather chastised I continue. “So, uh, any hobbies besides drawing in class?”

    • /Wylie looks a little confused and a lot amused at Fluff’s antics/ “Well, hunh. Hobbies. Drawing not in class? I uh, I like building stuff, too. I was building a fort out in the back yard, before I got sent away to school.”

      • Oh! I started to do that once. But there was a shortage of back-yard space and stuff to build a fort from. Ended up with more of a lean-to until my parents told me to toss the board out. And yeah, teachers tend to get ticked when you pass the class despite getting bored and doing other stuff in class. But some of my teachers gave up after a while and let me read if I didn’t cause trouble.

          • Heh. Well, try to copy me. I also annoyed them by doing well on in class tests, then losing points by not turning in homework that I’d actually done. I wasn’t really well organized, I’d do it and then leave it at home. But it helps if you can find your kind of people to hang out with. Even if you’re all geeks, you can at least be geeks together.

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