Summertime Memories

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Jamian and Ty are characters in Addergoole

Summer between Years 5 & 6 of the Addergoole School

“I’ve been thinking about the kids.”

Tya’s hands wandered over Jamian’s body as he spoke, the conversation so out of tune with what his hands were doing that Jamian thought, maybe, that his lover wasn’t really paying attention to either.

“Our kids?” he offered, trying not to say my kids.

“Our kids. us as kids. Growing up in this world.”

“Heavy thoughts.” He moved Ty’s hand up to his shoulder.

“I try once in a while, you know. And I was thinking about this summer camp Regine runs…”

“Ty, they’re still breastfeeding. They can’t walk or talk yet.”

“Well, not this summer, but they’ll grow up, you know. And Mies is almost old enough…”

“And Anise has Mies well in hand. Besides, is a Regine summer camp the best idea?”

“Well, I mean, it would be your decision, of course.” It was clear that grated on Ty, even without empathy. “But it didn’t do me any harm.”

“Ty… love, lover, you grew up with no idea of what the outside world was like.”

“And you grew up out there, and spend your childhood thinking you were a freak.”

“Well, I’m not exactly normal.”

“And it worries me, you going around thinking that, with our babies both the same as we are.”

“And it worries me you thinking half-breed is somehow inferior, around our half-breed babies.” Jamian propped himself up on an elbow, no longer feeling like being petted. “Ty, what’s this really about?”

Ty sighed. “I keep putting my foot in it about the kids, don’t I? I miss them, Jame’. I miss you.”

“You’re welcome to visit any time you want.”

“But it’s not… they were mine, and then they weren’t.” He sulked lightly. “You don’t even remember summer camp, do you?”

“Kinda? I mean, I went to camp a couple summers.”

“So did I. Same camp, Jame’. I remembered you the first time I saw you, here.”

Same camp… Jamian blinked at Ty. “That was… oh, wow, that was you. I had such a crush on him… uh. You!” He’d tried to forget that, all these years.

And it was the right thing to say. Ty grinned, his hands sliding down between Jamian’s legs. “You do remember. I’m glad.”

Jamian surrendered control once again. It seemed to make Ty happy, and it cost him nothing, here, in bed. As he ran his fingers through Ty’s curls, though, he remembered, faintly, the golden curls he’d tried for so long to forget.

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  1. Ah, I wondered if either of them remembered. And I’m a bit sad that those too don’t work out, though it’s not a surprise. Thanks!

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