Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: Reid Solomon

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For the 52 days leading up to the 52 weeks of Addergoole: Year 9, I will be posting something Addergoole-related every day.

Today I present to you Professor Reid Solomon.

The skinny professor looks like exactly what he is: a former NASA rocket scientist, complete with coke-bottle glasses and short-sleeved button-down shirt. He’s lanky, with dark, curly hair that probably should have gone grey by now.

He appears many places throughout Addergoole, as he is the Math Professor and several people’s Mentor as well

And, today, if you would like to ask Professor Solomon any question, at any point up to the beginning of Year Nine, please feel free!

Bonus: I also present DJ, Ty’s parent.

The hermaphroditic villager is a cornerstone of the greater community, acting as purchasing agent as well as, along with Maureen, moving among the greater community, finding parents to foster children as well as parents to /parent/ children.

The first four question-and-answer sessions are still open as well:
43 to go: Jeremiah and Lolly (LJ)
45 to Go: Timora (LJ)
46 to Go: Porter (LJ)
47 to go: Wylie (LJ)

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0 thoughts on “Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: Reid Solomon

  1. My question is for either Professor Solomon or DJ, or both of them: What persuades people outside Regine’s crew (please forgive the terminology if it’s wrong or imprecise) to contribute their children to the Addergoole project?

    • //Solomon coughs// Well, it took some persuasion on my part, I’ll admit. But when I sat down and looked at the numbers, at the projections, and at the facility Regine was building – and the fact that she’d already convinced my then-only surviving son to contribute his DNA to her project – I was convinced. If I was going to have more children, this was the place that would most likely assure their survival. Also… /the professor might be blushing/ …Maureen asked nicely.

    • /DJ looks around the Village/ This, this place that Regine is building… do you have any idea what a miracle this is? A place where fae can just be fae, no matter how strange. No hiding, no pretending. No watching your back. No witchburning. For this, I’d give Regine a lot more than my firstborn, and be happy for it.

        • /Dj makes a face/ I know, people get very hung up on things that are, in reality, just formalized versions of things many societies have. Sure, you’re asked to have children? So what? If my children didn’t give me grandchildren, you could bet I’d be leaning on them until they did. And when all’s said and done – the kids learn more about Ellehemaei society than they ever would otherwise.

  2. A question for DJ, can we have an embarrassing story about Tya? Nothing mean, not a deep dark secret, just one of those stories parents tell even if it does make the kid blush enough to light the house. How busy does watching after all the kids keep you? Is it hard to watch some of them for so long only to have their parents pick them up and leave once school is out? One for Reid, asked purely theoretically (Ed: yeah, like any question starting that way ever is) if someone showed up to class each day with all their work for your class already done, would they be able to get away with working on History homework?

    • /Dj grins/ A story about Ty, mmm? Well, there was one time, when Ty was around seven, that I came home to find it had made me a complete salad, dressing and everything… out of grass and weeds. Come to think about it, that may be the last time Ty prepared food. I only watch after my grandkids and their half-siblings, mostly. When Jamian and Shiva take them, I imagine it will be hard on me.

    • /Reid smirks/ Well, I might have to ask what’s got them so busy that they can’t work on their History homework at home…

      • Cody looks a little embarrassed and quietly says, “But if I bring work home, that cuts into my working ahead time, and if that goes over schedule that will cut into my studying time, and then I’ll have less reading time. But um, not that the question was for me. Like he said, just a hypothetical. No need to check what textbook I have out in class.”

          • “Math is easier. It’s harder than my old school, but I’m still,” looks at a three ring binder and quietly mumbles a number, “lessons ahead. But have you heard Miss Valerian’s lectures? I’m going to have to buy another ream of paper just for lecture notes! Then I have to organize them and rewrite them and make flashcards. I’m going to run out of index cards before the week is ov– “Um, that is, this was just a rhetorical question. We were just, um, curious.” Cody tries on her very best innocent and industrious student face.

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