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Faerie Apocalypse

Although an apocalypse and a half feature strongly in the timeline of the fae-apoc setting, most of the stories are set either well before or well after the event.

A dark urban fantasy series, Faerie Apocalypse is set in the modern world. The Ellehemaei fae, halfbreed bastards of beings from another plane who left more than two millennia ago, live hidden among the humans; many have faded into humanity, exhibiting nothing more than a rare psychic quirk, while their more powerful cousins hide their inhumanity behind glamours called Masks. A dark underworld of faerie and human trafficking underlies much of the setting.

The apocalypse, brought on by a return of the prodigal gods, leaves the world’s population, governments, infrastructure, and technology devastated, its humans struggling to survive, its fae in hiding from the unforgiving remnants of humanity.

Good Places to Start Include:
With Wings!
Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn!

Pre-Modern-era Stories include:
Coming of Age (LJ Link) is in the early pre-history of the setting
Meckil woke… takes place in the 1400’s

Addergoole is a school in the faerie apocalypse universe, as well as a subsetting and the name of the web-serial set there. Teenagers sent away to boarding school learn that, not only is the school not what they expected, but neither they nor their parents are either. Fifty years later, they struggle to continue existing in the post-apoc world that wants nothing to do with their ilk. The Addergoole landing page is here (LJ).

Doomsday is a school built in that post-apoc by a former Addergoole graduate.

Stories in modern fae apoc include:
Switch, a story of revenge
Constraint, a story of need
Whisky Lullaby (working title), a novella of fighting the monsters
Wings, an incomplete story of transformation
Collateral Damage, an accidental kidnapping
Walking with Him, about branding yourself, and Names.
With Wings! a friendly abduction
Escape (from an abduction)
Enlightenment (LJ)
Up Shit Creek (LJ), to Rix_scaedu‘s prompt
Extraction Team (LJ)
On the River (LJ)
Family Vintage (LJ)

Bitter Vintage (LJ)
Late Planting ()
With Words Like Magic (LJ)
Rick-(steam)Rolled by Looooove (LJ) Stand-alone lovish story

The Black House
Yaminah’s power has gotten her into something. How deep is she getting in?

Posession/Marking (LJ)
Drugs/Aphrodisiacs (LJ)
Virginity/Celibacy (LJ)
Wet/Messy/Dirty, Vehicular (LJ)
Sense Dep, PhoneSex (LJ)
Tentacles, Humiliation> (Lj)
Washing & Service (LJ)
Exposition (LJ)
Introduction (LJ)
Bridge (LJ)
Orientation (LJ)

Lady Alouetta’s Garden
The Lady Alouetta subsetting explores a high-class bordello, Lady Alouetta’s Garden, its proprietress, the Lady herself, and the Flowers who belong to the Lady and work for her. Human and faerie trafficking feature strongly in this setting, but the main theme is one of perseverance and survival.

Stories include:
Walled Flowers
Slipping the Trellis

Learning Curves
In Her Song

Stories during the apoc include:
Nila and Tros –
Leaving Town (LJ), continued/expanded here (LJ)
A New Flower (LJ)
Outnumbered (LJ)

‘Ware Fairy Gifts (LJ) Tom looked at the knife the girl had given him…
Warning Buzz (LJ)
When the Gods Attacked (LJ)
Step on my Tail (LJ)
Exit Strategy (LJ) [Donor Perk]
Early for Roses (LJ)
On the Adriatic (LJ)
What, He’s Got Two Legs (probably) (LJ) Putting Old Man Winter to work
Trip-Tripping through the Apoc (LJ)
Like Wolves (LJ) Stand-Alone War Story

Internment Camp:
Discovery Channel, another way to not be the monsters, and Invisibles, half a sequel
The Pay Was Good, from another POV (LJ Link)
and Budding (LJ), from the same guard at the camp.

Inventrix wrote a description of a character in “Budding” here.

Dead Gods
The Destruction of the Gods (LJ)
The Dead Gods Come Visiting (LJ)

Stories in post-apoc fae apoc include:
Slideshow, just before the apoc.
Denial, a story of the apocalypse
Through the Snow, also during the apoc
Hey you kids get off my lawn: dealing with obnoxious demigods
First Planting (LJ Link)
Keeping the Gods
Two by Two, a story of survival
Being Alone, a prequel to Two by Two
Tally Raid, a story of not being the monsters
Little White Horses, when the fight is bigger than human or fae – Meek’s sketch reminds me of this piece
(LJ Link)
Myrrh (LJ)
Down in the Dark (LJ)
Ending the Hunt (Lj)
In the Jam (LJ)
Do-Gooders (LJ)
Splash (LJ)
Through Biology (LJ)

Fairy Rings
Fairy Rings (
Fairy Ring Shortcuts (LJ)
Terroir (LJ)

Reynard, Introduction (LJ)
A Little More Reynard (LJ)
A Bit More Reynard (LJ)
Reynard’s Story Unfolds (LJ)
Reynard Spills his Story (LJ)

Long past the apoc:
Karida’s story:
Scrounging for History (LJ)
Digging through History (LJ)
Delving in History (LJ)
Bringing Home History (LJ)
Singing down History (LJ)
Learning of History (LJ
Getting Over History (LJ)
Making New History (LJ)
Trusting in History (LJ)

Briars and Vinegar

Era Totally Unknown
Sporting (LJ)

February Worldbuilding Q4
Day 19 (LJ) What happens to someone who’s Changed and cannot find or persuade an adult to Mentor them?
Day 31 (LJ) What does the world look like in the year 2150?
day X (LJ) Physical damage, Ellehemaei, Hawthorn and rowan

Inventrix has written a series of stories set in this verse, as well

Art by Meeks

Setting notes:

sa’ is “respected elder”
jae’ is “respected junior.”
du’ is “this is my name.”

Two equals just usually forgo the honorifics.

oro’ is “belongs to”
cy’ is “is a student of”
sh’ is “is a child of.”

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