State of the Lyn!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about my life. Can I blame summer?

Yesterday morning, we woke to find the kittens nowhere. I wandered around the house making cat-calling noises for a minute or two – until T noticed that the living room screen was out.

Then came ten heart-stopping minutes of wandering around the yard making cat-calling noises, until we found them hiding under the lilac bush, soaked and miserable. But safe, whole, and healthy. Thank you, god of cats.

Wet? Yes. It’s been /pouring/ here. Thursday, I came home from work, started to thaw dinner… and the power went out. A dinner of Subway subs later, we learned that a tornado had touched down in Elmira, an hour away, but all we’d gotten closer to Ithaca was thunder, lightning, and rain.

All this rain has been good for the garden; my tomatoes are going wild. So are my squash and my peppers. It’s going to (knock on wood) be a good harvest)

And speaking of wood – we pulled the Horrid Paneling off of the dining room and living room, and found… well, lots of wood, in one wall. “Bare Studs” the size of trees, where plaster and lathe had clearly been removed at some point. The rest of the walls have unpainted but heavily-nailed-in drywall. This is going to be interesting.

How’s your summer going?

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  1. We started with two tomato plants. One succumbed to blight, the second has fallen over because procrastination (“Yeah, some time this one needs a support stick”) and besides it’s being eaten by snails. (srsly, two of the still completely green tomatos have holes in them.) The only thing that’s really growing in the garden is weeds. At least that includes strawberry plants. XD Oh, well, the onions have not yet all been eaten by snails.

  2. I’m glad you found your foolish kittens safe and sound! The construction of your house sounds exciting. Is the unpainted drywall salvagable, or does it need to be removed? My brain is currently being consumed by moving, though today a very important summer ritual was observed: picking blackberries and blueberries. (Not very many, as both were tiny, but it’s one of those things without which summer isn’t complete.)

    • Silly bad kittens! (me too) The unpainted drywall is probably salvageable. We need to get a drywaller in to give us an estimate. Moving yay! The birds picked all our raspberries

  3. Oh yay for safe kittens! I was worried, reading that. It has been rather dry up here, though not full-on drought. The strawberries came and went early, so I did’t get to pick any. My parents had tons of black raspberries though.

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