<3 Microclimates!

Guys, I am so excited about my garden!!

It’s not a big garden – two 4’x24′ strips – but it’s going wild.

I’ve been very good about watering it any day we don’t have rain (This particular corner of NYS isn’t in a drought so I’m not breaking any water regulations) and the heat has been awesome for my tomato plants. They are just sproinging out all over the place – this is going to be (knock on wood) the best tomato crop we’ve ever gotten, and not just ’cause I went nuts planting plants.

The Finger Lakes climate is generally different from that where I grew up – Lake Ontario has its own band of warmer, wetter weather, so this area, 2 hours away, is colder in winter but less snowy, in general (No giant lake to moderate, or dump snow on us). That’s got to be part of it, the unseasonably warm March also part, and I’m guessing microclimates have something to do with it, too: we’ve got no shortage of water here. I mean, our well has an overflow tube O_O.

I am /very excited/ to see what this crop provides – and we are already eating tomatoes and cukes from our garden!!


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  1. The garden looked awesome! And canning tomatoes is so fun. Your house smells awesome, and then you have these lovely jars of tomatoes for the winter…

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