Prompt Call(s) – Rix’s and Mine!

[personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s Prompt Call is still open until Tuesday her time. Go leave her 14 prompts! (or less. I’m just enthusiastic.

Of the awesome stuff from this call, I most recently enjoyed On the Edge of Disaster, set in the same universe as her Rensa stories, and Testing a Theory, which makes me want to write a crossover with her into my Science! ‘verse

Speaking of prompt calls!

I am taking suggestions for my August 18th Rabbit Safari call.

Current suggestions include:
Storms and droughts.
Lost or forgotten things.
Fight ALL the oppressions!Fuzzy? (the first thing that comes to mind with rabbit)
Skins and furs
Legacies and fate
herefore adventures and quests, possibly with furred people.

And why it’s a Rabbit Safari:
Here’s a sheet. And a sheet with Theocracy.

My grandmother gave me those sheets when my parents built their house; I was 5. That makes them thirty-one years old. And they’re in bad shape, but I love them.

My mother recently brought down my childhood bed, which now lives in the upstairs as a guest bed. And I want to redo that space (Which is currently a mess, as [personal profile] eseme can attest; the paneling goes every which way, there’s neither door nor blinds, the floor is industrial linoleum, and so on). Not a full redo, because that’s going to require ripping out the walls. That’s down the road several years. But enough to make it nice for company. New sheets & blanket. Curtains and blinds. Mom’s providing the door. A rug. Maybe a piece of art for the wall.

And the bunnies! I’m going to work around that sheet, even though I can’t really put it on the bed. Have a new pillowcase printed at Spoonflower, turn the old sheet into part of a stuffed bunny pillow, maybe frame one of the bunnies.

So, while my bedroom is giraffe-and-safari themed, this one is going to be bunny-safari themed. And if that’s a bit juvenile… well, it might be a kids’ room someday, too. 😀


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