Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: Jovanna and Aeowyn

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For the 52 days leading up to the 52 weeks of Addergoole: Year 9, I will be posting something Addergoole-related every day.

Today I present Jovanna and Aeowyn, best known so far as Ahouva’s friends.

Jovanna is a tall, slender girl with a dancer’s body, tight-muscled and lean, with hardly any chest to speak of; she camouflages this with ruffled shirts. She likes ruffles all around, tiered skirts and flounced hems and sleeves.

Her skin is deep brown, her hair long, curly, and prone to frizzing. Her eyes are silver-grey, and her makeup is well-done but often a bit heavy-handed. She’s a follower, socially, quiet unless spoken to and often a wall-flower.

Aeowyn is a leader to Jovanna’s follower, outgoing and sharp-tongued. Short, tiny, and blonde (Addergoole has a surplus of tiny blondes!) Her hair is shoulder-length and smooth platinum blonde; she has bright blue eyes and pale skin. She and Jovanna commiserate over their lack of noticeable chests.

She likes whatever’s in fashion for clothes, but prefers things that are boyish – pants rather than skirts, button-down shirts. Hats. Aeowyn loves hats.

Neither have innate powers determined yet. Jovanna’s Change is pika-related; Aeowyn’s is snake-related

They appear in the following stories:
Three-Way Continued

And Today, You can ask them any question you want!

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    • /Aeowyn answers/ Well, I don’t know if it’s rude or not. Everyone asks things like that down here. Whether or not you can answer… /her hand drifts to a thin chain around her neck/ That’s another question.

        • /Jovanna fields this one/ “Well, tricked, usually, right? I mean, Ceinwen, on Hell Night, and Ahouva at the dance. And then Basalt challenged for her, so then she was his Kept.”

                • /Aeowyn takes over/ Well, Shang doesn’t know anything, and Ciara’s being stalked. At least, when you have a Keeper, they manage to protect you from – well, look at Who – from everyone but themselves, usually.

                    • /Aeowyn looks at her thoughtfully/ Well, nobody’s going to mess with you, are they? NOt without losing their teeth.

                    • Well, you’re Doug’s student, and there’s your little bun-in-the-oven issue, and personally, not only woudl I not mess with that combination, I’ve heard others say the same. I mean, if you wanted a Keeper, you might be able to talk Doug into not breaking their legs. /Jovanna inserts, quietly/ Especially if it’s a girl.

                    • “Oh.” Goes quiet for a minute. “Assuming I wanted to have a boyfriend, say next year, who would you recommend I avoid?”

                    • Well, Kendon, of course. That whole crew. Agra. Them. ‘Deus, and his buddies, Basalt, probably. Thorburn, definitely, and Curry. Maybe Hemlock and Dirk, but maybe not. And Than and Jeremiah are kind of creepy. Fafnir’s cranky, and Jabez is just… broken. And I’m pretty sure Kees isn’t into girls.

                    • “Maybe Shandar or Xiongmao? Gabrial, Cabal. Werther or Arundel. Maybe someone from our year instead?”

                    • “This year got complicated very fast, even before I got pregnant. Before that I sort of thought I’d like to meet someone nice…”

                    • “That was before I got here and had met anyone. Frankly, I think my ideas of ‘nice’ are being rearranged.”

                    • “A lot of the stuff that applied in highschool doesn’t seem to apply here, well not as much. Here being ‘nice’ seems to include a whole list of things that you don’t do to people. Perhaps it always did and I’m only just realising it now.”

                    • /She laughs shortly/ All right, you gotta point. Look, you’re probably safe this year. But still, stay away from the assholes. You know, the sharp ones. And maybe find someone big and strong to stay near. Abbaddon, maybe. Abendego. Someone whose name starts with A. But not Agra.

                    • “He is one of the sorts of guy you’d want your boyfriend to be, isn’t he? Even if I wasn’t pregnant I don’t think he’d be interested though. He seems to have put me into some ‘little sister’ category.”

                    • Well, make a note. Four years from now, who knows where he’ll be, where you’ll be? /She smiles happily/ There’s a couple I might track down, when we’re out of here.

                    • “In four years I’m going to have three year old twins. He’d probably think I’d tracked him down for baby sitting.” *giggle*

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