The Rabbit Safari

This Autumn’s goal for Giraffe Call monies is A Rabbit Safari!

Here’s a sheet. And a sheet with Theocracy.

My grandmother gave me those sheets when my parents built their house; I was 5. That makes them thirty-one years old. And they’re in bad shape, but I love them.

My mother recently brought down my childhood bed, which now lives in the upstairs as a guest bed. Before it was my childhood bed, it was my uncle’s bed. So I’d like something that reminds me of my childhood sheets on the bed. Enter Spoonflower, to have new pillowcases printed from the old pattern.

The goal for the room re-do is $250.

At $45, I’ll have fabric printed. I’ll post two pictures of the kittens being adorable in the guest room I’m trying to renovate.

When it reaches $70, I’ll get sheets to coordinate. I’ll post more kitten pictures. 😉

$100 lets me add pretty blankets and bunny pillows. I’ll post two more pictures of reader’s choice, anything house-related.

$125 gets me to a nice matching table lamp.

At this level, anyone who donated $20 or more can request a bunny sachet, tiny stuffed knit bunny, or another bunny-related solid item mailed, or an additional 500-word story which will involve a bunny in some manner.

An additional $125, bringing me to $250, I can put a rug over the hideous linoleum.

When I get there, I will post an additional 2500-word story which will in some way involve bunnies.

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