Auntie Kitty, a story for the August Giraffe Call

For kelkyag‘s prompt

After Kitten Troubles.

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The mother cat wouldn’t stop meowing, but neither would she get close enough to Radar to take her kitten back. The kitten, having spoken once, was going back to upset mewling. And Radar looked immensely lost.

“You’ve never fathered a speaking cat before?”


“In all of your unspoken years?”

“Not once. Not until her.”



Beryl picked up the momma cat, mindful that, as with all cats, she could consist entirely of sharp ends should she wish. “Can you talk to her?”

“She won’t listen to me. She might listen to you.”

“You’re the cat.”

“You’re the Aunt.” He coughed, somehow. “Err. -in-training.”

“Yeah.” She counted that as worry-about-later and looked down at the distressed momma cat now squirming in her lap. “Okay. Radar, put the kitten down on the bed. Kitten, stay on the bed. Talk to your momma. Momma cat, your baby is fine. Weird, but fine.”

She set the cat down carefully, and stroked her behind the ears, thinking soothing thoughts. “Weird but fine. I’m afraid if you’re going to be a mother in this family, you’re going to have to learn to get used to that. Does she have other daughters, at least, Radar?”

“She has other kittens.” Radar set the kitten down carefully, and backed off a few paces. The mother cat went from cautious purring to growling until he backed off more, almost to the edge of the bed. “My daughter is not a Auntie, girl. She is…” He made a very cat noise, a very uncertain noise. “Impossible. But not an Auntie.”

She looked between the momma cat, the kitten, and her magic cat, all three pictures of feline distress, and wondered what she was supposed to do with this.

::You have to wonder,:: the necklace mused, ::why the idea of her being an Aunt bothered him so much.::

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  1. Dear Radar, This might not be a bad time to say a little bit about how you came to be what you are, and/or why that does not apply to your “impossible” daughter. Also, who are you addressing as “girl” in the second-to-last paragraph? Beryl? The black cat? The talking kitten? Beryl’s probably not ready to be promoted to Aunt yet, though at this rate, she’ll be more ready than many. I wonder if she might do well to consult Eva on this one. With vast curiosity,

  2. And that was as awesome as I thought it would be. I definitely want more. And now I think the cat have Aunts… Does the kitten have a name?

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