Wake Up Where? A story for the Giraffe Call

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All My Friends Say

You know I don’t remember a thing
But they say I sure was raisin’ some cain
I was a rock star, party hard
Gettin’ over you comeback kid
Hey I musta did
What all my friends say

Jordan woke slowly, with a dull, niggling headache that just wanted to tell him all its problems, a whining thing that suggested he’d drank too much last night.

Last night. Last night, he had gone to The 51 Cards, because even if the news wanted to scream about people who thought they were Athena and Thor, he didn’t think it was worth not drinking over. He’d sat down next to a lovely girl with the best tattoos he’d seen in a long time. He’d ordered a drink.

He opened his eyes. The light was dim, and he couldn’t see much, but the shapes of the shadows suggested it wasn’t his room at home. So far, no surprises. He reached out one arm, and found the edge of the bed. The other arm found a nightstand, and nobody in bed with him. That was a bit of a surprise, but not horrible. He sat up, and swung his feet over the edge of the bed.

Even in the faint light, he could see that something was wrong. His feet were fuzzy, blurry. Was his vision off? Drinking enough to kill his memory could do that. He reached for the nightstand, found no lamp, but there was something… yes, a flashlight.

The bright LED bulbs revealed the room to be tiny, more of a cube than a room, with no furniture but the bed and the nightstand, no windows, and no discernible door. More immediately important, they revealed that his feet were missing.

“The hell!” The shout didn’t make his head hurt more, but it did echo unpleasantly. He’d woken up missing clothes before (not this time), his wallet (still there), his pride and his virginity (still missing), but never before had he looked down and seen mist where his feet were supposed to be.

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          • Heh, now I’m recalling the thoughts I once had of an I Dream of Jeannie/Rocket Girls crossover. At some point one of the girls would have to end up in Jeannie’s bottle. But yeah, that’s not a very well furnished lamp if that’s what it is. He should swing by an Ikea. :}

              • Nifty short anime series based on a series of novels. A Japanese company tries to start a private rocket launch services company in the Solomon Islands. Their 1/3 scale rocket worked perfectly. But ever since switching to the 1/2 model they’ve been plagued with flawed launches (most aborting seconds after launch). Early in the first episode a representative from the funders shows up and gives them six months to have a successful manned launch or the company will be shut down. Meanwhile a high school girl shows up searching for her father. Sixteen years before during her parent’s honeymoon he went out for a late night walk and never returned. One early contact she makes lets her know there’s a company on one island that has quite a few Japanese employees, so she heads that way to see if they have seen her father or can at least help suggest where to look. As she’s heading over a meeting is going on. The head of the company asks their top engineer whether a version of their capsule stripped down to the bare essentials could be launched to orbit from the 1/3 scale rocket (likewise stripped to the bare essentials. After running the math the engineer says that it just might work — but the astronaut couldn’t weigh more than 50 kilograms. When they ask the company doctor whether they can get their test pilot/astronaut down to 50 kilograms the guy in question declares they’re all mad, he quits, and storms out — running into the high school girl on the way… Leading the company to realize that they’ve got the perfect solution right in front of them. Instead of getting their current astronaut to lose half his weight, they’ll have him train the high school girl in what she needs to know to get the capsule up and back. In return they’ll not only pay her but promise to make use of their government contacts to search all the islands for any sign of her father. Within a few episodes there are three astronauts: her, her half sister, and a friend from her school who they run into. They prove that the rocket design (at least as built on the 1/3 scale) works, run a test for one of the company’s planned goals (bringing back down obsolete satellites to reduce the plague of space junk), and even help rescue a NASA mission. All this in 12 episodes, some of the animation is sub-par, but they don’t waste time on filler episodes or DBZ style “how long can we make this last” events.

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