Unfunking my habitat

So, thanks to a number of awesome people, I have been following Unfuck your Habitat.

It’s been helping get into small habits: wash the dishes every day(6 days out of 7, really), make the bed every day. The house is never Really Bad but it does tend to accumulate.

Today, I’d taken a short day to work on yard stuff, and then it rained, so I couldn’t work on the yard stuff OR sand the door. So I started working on getting rid of the finger marks on the cabinets & drawers. You know, those saponified (stop it Opera, that’s totally a word) marks around the handles where your fingers move over the wood over and over again?

And then I was down on the floor, and thought, while I’m down here….

So an hour later, 7 cupboard doors, 6 drawer fronts, the dishes, and three rows of tiles are clean, as well as the cats’ food area and the spots under the wire shelving.

I even dusted our water >.>

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0 thoughts on “Unfunking my habitat

  1. Oof, hitting close to home here. I *really* ought to be cleaning right now. We behind where I ought to be getting stuff cleaned up and de-cluttered.

  2. The site doesn’t grab me, but the short term task on a timer followed by a break also on a timer is one of those things I’ve tried several times but never long enough to form a habit … I should take another stab at it. Especially the break timer. 🙂

      • Lack of time sense is one of my most problematic faults. Finding a tool or establishing a habit that gets me to notice and pay attention to how much time is passing (not just when distracted by the shiny internet, but also when “productively punting” on a lower-priority task) seems like it might help. Establishing the habit is … not so easy.

          • Yeah. That’s the bit where I’m having trouble figuring out how to establish a habit. Well, that and remembering to reset it reliably.

              • Heh. I can see that. Some things I want to do All By Myself. But sometimes even for those it’s helpful just to have someone else around to keep me honest about whether I’m working or goofing off, even if they’re doing something totally unrelated.

  3. I guilt clean. As in, when there are other people about regularly to see my mess, I clean. When there are not… horrible things happen. Also, I cheerfully clean up other people’s messes if they are providing me food or a place to stay, so it is not like I can’t clean, or cant’ be motivated. I just apparently need an audience. This is bad when you live alone…

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