On Writing, Time, and Giraffe Calls

I have been having a lovely time gardening and working on the house in the last couple weeks.

However, this means that, coupled with being busier at work, I have less time for writing.

Pair this with launching my new webserial this week, and I have Almost No Time for writing (eek).

I have decided that the September and October Giraffe-Bunny-Safari-Calls will be Very Mini Indeed: In lieu of the standard call, I am going to have a 2-hour window (time to be pre-announced) on the normal day (the 15th of September, the 13th of October). In that two-hour period, I will have a livewriting window open and take prompts on a to-be-chosen theme.

Consistent contributors: is there a time during Saturday EST that works well for you?

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