Addergoole T-shirts ideas – feedback wanted

So, 3-1/2 years after starting the original serial, and one day after launching The New Serial, I finally have ideas for T-shirts.

My thoughts, such as they are:

A series with flat color or line-art of the Addergoole Coat of Arms on the front left chest, text below.
Text: STAFF, KEPT, KEEPER, and then cy'[Mentor]

I’m not sure about the back text for the first three, but for cy’Mentors, something like:

Linden’s Students
They who have the most toys[fun?] win.

Luca’s Students
Fight with honor
Love with honor
Live [die?] with honor

Valerian’s Students
Nature is sharper than it looks
and less forgiving

Pelletier’s Students
I can see your future.
It looks ugly/Do you want the bad news or the really bad news first?

Fridmar’s Students
[some variation on “what doesn’t kill you makes me stronger”]

Mendosa’s Students
I can see your problem now; you’re crazy
Would you like me to fix that?

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