Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: It’s here!

Chapter 1: Wylie

August 31, 2003

They’d been dumped in the middle of nowhere, in an airport that barely deserved the name, with an airfield that they were pretty sure was a wheat field in the off time…

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0 thoughts on “Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: It’s here!

  1. I am surprised often by how genre blind so many of the students are. You’d think a few of them would have been into fairy tales or modern horror/fantasy and would just nod and say, “figures” at the big reveal.

    • Well, this is one small corner of the student reaction we’re seeing directly. That is a good point, though. It makes me want to write that story: the guy/gal who is genre savvy.

          • *grin* a different thought I had is that someone with a logical bent and a decent grasp of history might conclude that the purpose of Addergoole is to create and train a guerrila army. You take a bunch of people with the potential to become super soldiers, place them in an environment designed to trigger their abilities, organize them into cells (crews), put them through a hostile environment, and give them weapons (magic) training. Oh, and they have to create at least two more potential soldiers before they can leave. So.. what is the army for? It doesn’t help that Addergoole is so secretive.. the right paranoia could be entirely justified.

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