If I were an ice cream cone…

To @dahob’s questions in response to this post this morning.: I have characters one through 23. Ask me something about them, or something about one or two or three of them!

Character number 9: If I were an ice cream cone. How would you eat me?
“Ahh…” Ahouva is not sure how to handle that one. “Quickly, I guess, so you wouldn’t get me all sticky.”

Character number 17, if you could be a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be and why?
Nilam laughs uncomfortably. “A fruit? Okay, that’s one thing I haven’t gotten accused of. I mean!” He blushes hotly. “Probably an apple, decently sweet, a bit tart, and I take a bit of work to chew on.”

And then [personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s:
How do 19, 5 and 11 get on?
Æowyn and Ciara are a bit cautious around each other; they’re very strong personalities and not immediate friends. Æo doesn’t really want anything to do with Gar, and, although he finds her cute and rather pleasant, he has that angry-man’s angry response to a girl who doesn’t warm up quickly to him.
Gar would probably get along fine with Ciara, and vice-versa, but Sylvia doesn’t really approve of Ciara, so they don’t have much chance to find out.

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