The Things That Pop Into My Head (Cya, Yoshi, and another)

Sometime after Yoshi’s time at Addergoole


Yoshi watched his mother’s voice move without sound for a while. From long experience, he could tell that she was angry and trying not to show it, probably to protect the skinny cat-boy… cat-person at Yoshi’s side. The cat-person wearing her collar.

“Son, when I asked you to watch my Kept while I was out, this is not what I had in mind.”

“I know.” He couldn’t help squirming a little bit, and not just for said Kept’s sake. “But you said we could play, and he’s very good at Tlaca… the body Word, and so we thought we’d…” He gestured with his hands, not really explaining anything.

“And then you just, I don’t know, happened to get lucky, and you impregnated my Kept?” She raised an eyebrow. She knew as well as he did that he was always lucky. Although this one was sort of iffy on the positive-luck scale.


“Mmm….” As uncomfortable as it was, Yoshi had to admit it was kind of interesting watching his mom not have a plan. “We’ll figure it out. This is not what I meant by wanting more grandkids, by the way.”

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