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Lilfluff has a prompt call open!

Go check out [personal profile] lilfluff ‘s prompt call to the theme "alternatives."

He’s taking prompts to his last two bingo cards, as well as more general prompts and "more of xxx"

Go prompt!  

Edit: Fluff has a landing page of sorts here which serves as a good starting place for his work.

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Landing Page –> Prompt Call –> Prompts

I have updated my Facets of Dusk Landing Page (LJ). It didn’t take long; I really should write more in this setting.

[personal profile] lilfluff created a landing page, and has up a Look-I-have-a-landing-page Prompt Call (LJ)

And in response to /her/ prompt call, Rix_scedu posted a story in response to my prompt! Land Release

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Wednesday morning after emergency Lowe’s run

I got a message from T. as I was about to leave work yesterday – “either you need to stop on the way home or we need to go out once you’re home.”

Seems the threshold to our house had died a messy death.

(This is amusing to me because I’m a big fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden’verse, where the threshold is the word used for the magical protection of one’s own home, and something similar exists in Addergoole/Fae Apoc, where you cannot enter someone’s home without their permission).

But in this case, the wood under the metal and weather stripping and above the slab had disintegrated. Not nearly as magical, no demons, and we just needed some wood and a new metal threshold & weather stripping to replace…. which T. will be doing today.


[personal profile] meeks has uploaded a new detail view of Rin‘s picture 🙂 It’s the city! (Livjournal and Dreamwidth.

She’s also posted a new sketch on DW and LJ – to [personal profile] jjhunter‘s poem The Lamb’s Plea To Them Both, which is definitely worth a read.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith had her monthly Fishbowl yesterday (sorry for lack of boost; 1st/month is mad for me); of the poems she’s posted so far (which you should read), I think “The Funny Farm” is my favorite.

Aaannndd… (A little late, sorry) [personal profile] lilfluff wrote this story to my prompt – I’m eager to see more of this world!!

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Sunday with apples

Yesterday, we had apple pie for dessert (Small Batch Baking) and apple-cinnamon-raisin oatmeal for breakfast.

Thursday we made Spiced Apple Cookies (delicious).

Wednesday we made Baked Apple Rice Pudding, which is absolutely delicious.

Tuesday, we made apple crisp.

Are you sensing a theme?

The property came with an apple tree, which hasn’t been maintained in a while. It’s putting out about a zillion apples (I’ll be canning applesauce & apple butter), smallish tart apples. So far, we’re really just putting a dent in the windfall fruit.


[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has posted her Fishbowl Summary. I really love “Full Stop”; I also enjoy “Haunts of History”, which she wrote to my prompt.

[personal profile] lilfluff has posted a sequel to Sweet Iced Tea, set in the Tir na Cali ‘verse.

And [personal profile] clare_dragonfly has added more to “Harvest Day”, which she wrote from my prompt.



Bamboo curtain door, via Wyst.
Ikea Hack+Wendy House… two things I’ve been googling a lot lately, together.

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Friday, Pensive.

I’ve been thinking, after some conversation with cluudle about the nature of friendships, most specifically the idea that it’s okay to stop being friends with someone. Not sure where I’m going with that one yet; it still feels foreign.

I do know I have some really awesome friends, and some people who I call friends who are really not awesome, some people who have hurt me by their soi-dissant friendship. (Hint: If I am following you on this blog, I’m not talking about you in the “bad friend” category).


Cheerful stuff!

It’s apparently Bisexuality Visibility Day. So, um, hi, I’m bi.

[personal profile] lilfluff wrote a piece maybe-in-Cali.

[personal profile] clare_dragonfly wrote a piece to my prompt.

Rix_Scadeau commented on the [personal profile] meeks drawing, so have a little more Autumn.


Castle Playsets – http://www.yutzysfarmmarket.com/swingsets/castle-playsets/cozy_retreat_playset.php

Spy Jacket – http://www.scottevest.com/v3_store/Carry-on-Coat.shtml


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The World is full of Awesome today!

Okay, the internets is full of wow today.

akumyo is hosting a Free Icon Day- http://akumyo.livejournal.com/420166.html

megamon_blue is too.

[personal profile] lilfluff has started the 30 Days Second Semester!

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has: “People Who Boost the Signal in Crowdfunding (also here) and Non-Cash Support Methods for Crowdfunding

[personal profile] pinkelephant drew ADORABLE Baby Dragons!

This Criminal Minds Fanfic is Teh AWESOME

Cluudle played in my newly-created Unicorn/Factory verse
and wrote an awesome piece to my prompt

[personal profile] meeks has illustrated again! (LJ) this time minor_architect‘s Wanted: One Gnome

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