And Then

This is mostly an intro to an idea (or a ship). Yoshi and Viddie are Cynara’s children; Kishmish is Shiva’s daughter by Nikita, Sigruko is Viddie’s half-sister on their father (Leo)’s side, and Ariel and Amy are 2 of Zita’s daughters.

Even the Boom family tree requires diagrams!

Yoshi was not certain what to think about Ce’Rilla sh’Orlaith.

He had, on meeting her, thought she was the sort of slightly stuck-up girl that he didn’t really need to bother with. But she was fiercely protective of her “younger brother,” Sam, a quality Yoshi could appreciate, and she navigated her first year with a grace he could envy.

Of course, that was her first year. He’d noticed her get Kept but not paid much attention, noticed her get released some time later, and noticed her get Kept again, some time later. It was the Addergoole soap opera (for those of them that could remember soap operas); everybody watched it.

That was Ce’Rilla’s first year. In her second year, she met Yoshi’s little brother.

Ce’rilla was not sure what to think about Yoshi cy’Drake.

She would probably have accepted his collar with more grace than she’d taken any of the collars she’d ended up with in her first year, she thought. He was handsome, cheerful, and polite, and the girl he kept Ce’Rilla’s first year seemed pretty happy with him, as much as someone could be happy being collared.

Other than that, she hadn’t either noticed or paid attention to the older boy. There were lots of older boys, and the ones that weren’t directly involved with her Keepers weren’t people she needed to worry about. Just getting through the year was proving tricky enough.

That was her first year. In her second year, she met Yoshi’s little brother.

Viðrou was pretty sure Sigruko and Yoshi, Kishmish and Amy and Ariel meant well. Well, he was certain about his brother and sister, and decently convinced that his cousins were trying to help him.

He knew that Yoshi’s first year had messed him up. He knew that Ruki had come back quiet and thoughtful about a lot of things. He knew it could be rough, and he knew, by now, that the rough usually involved a collar. And he knew all about collars.

He was pretty glad he had his big sister and big brother here (He could have gone either way with the cousins. They were some pretty scary women). He knew that having your family or crew at your back was the best bet, always.

And then he met Ce’Rilla cy’Valerian.

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