Bound, a story of Addergoole Year 9 for the Giraffe Call

To thesilentpoet‘s commissioned continuation of Catch and Formality, the story of Gregori and Speed.

Erotic domination, no sex, but nudity.

If I am going to continue to write these guys I really need a m/m d/s icon/

The kiss was every bit what Gregori had been hoping. So far, this boy was everything he’d been looking for. It seemed too good to be true.

While holding the boy up in the air by his collar was not the time to worry about that. Gregori didn’t want to have to explain asphyxiation to Caitrin before they’d gotten through the first day. It was nice to note, however, that Speed’s erection was not flagging.
He set his Kept down and stroked his hair. “You are my good boy.” He had learned, through trial and error with Damaris, how much good a little praise could do – and how much a lot of praise could do, too.

“Yes, Master.” From the expression on his face, his new boy was learning that, too. He was smiling beatifically, his eyes half-shut. “How may I be good for you next?”

“How obedient can you be?” He circled the boy once, looking at the position of his shoulders – back, proud – the tilt of his head – to one side and thoughtful – and the little smile on his lips. He hadn’t learned yet, how real this was going to be, or he thought he had a loophole. Gregori pondered how long he should let the waif remain misinformed.

“I can be as obedient as you want me to, master.” Speed’s eyes found Gregori’s, full of amused insolence. “Do you want me to fight so that you can punish me?” He caught his error in the barely-shown press together of Gregori’s lips. “I mean, of course, to give you an excuse, if you want one, to punish me. Master may of course punish his slave for anything he wants.”

“Thank you for the permission.” He made his voice dry enough that the boy actually looked worried for a second.

He ducked his head and shrugged his shoulders forward. “I only want to please, master.”

“And that pleases me, slave. So, I wish you to be obedient without orders to bind you. Do you think you can do that?”

The boy risked another glance at Gregori’s face. “I will try my best, master.”

“That will have to do for now.” He made it dismissive, to watch the boy’s flinch. He’d circled his new slave once and a half now; he grabbed the boy’s arms and pulled them behind his back, crossing his wrists just over that lovely ass. “You understand?”

“Yes, master.” He wiggled his butt a little, getting comfortable, his wrists staying as if pinned.

“That’s good.” He tossed a pillow from his bed onto the floor, and pushed the boy, gently, supporting his shoulders so his reflexes didn’t take over. Slowly, he pressed the boy’s head into the pillow, until his ass was high in the air, inviting. “Beautiful.” The wrists stayed where they were. “You are good.”

“Thank you, master.” It was harder to tell if he was being smug, in this position. His expression was pressed into the pillow and his voice was muffled. “I live to please you.”

“Good boy. My very good pet.” He spread Speed’s knees further apart, and then stood, walking away. He wanted to admire his new possession for a bit… and he wanted to watch him squirm.

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  1. How lovely! I’m looking forward to seeing more. There’s more to Speed here than we’re seeing, than Gregori is seeing. 🙂

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